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Robert Donnell

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Robert Donnell, Jun 13, 2012.

  1. Robert Donnell

    Robert Donnell Minstrel

    My fellow Humans, greetings. My name is Robert Donnell. A bit about me, 27 years in the Military, half Military Intelligence during the Cold War, half in Combat Arms in Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom II.

    I have three BS degrees, Management, and Industrial Technology from Northwestern, Electronic Engineering from USAISD. I have one AA in General Studies from Mt. Wachusett. Currently I am attending ITT to get another AS in Network Systems Administration.

    I have worked in the oilfields of Texas and also have worked on Mississippi Riverboats like Mark Twain.

    I have one Daughter who recently received her Baccalaureate at age 20. Not only is she smart, she is a very nice person. I could not be more proud. I have raised her to be adventurous and inquisitive. This almost bit me in the ass when I was in Iraq 2004-2005 she signed up for Marine Corps JROTC fortunately for me the tender mercies of a Marine DI kind of left her unwilling to join the Military. Three years of boot camp were about all she could stand.

    I have five ex-wives, women sure love Military Men but the deployments do take a toll on relationships.
    As you read my posts, prepare to be unimpressed. I have an odd way of looking at life, when I see something that has huge logical holes in it I tend to take it and reverse it to illustrate the fallacy. I’m not nuts I am surrounded by people who don’t think any issue through all that well.

    No I am not going to give examples because it would be taken as trolling which I am not. I just see things from a perspective that laws are laws, rules are rules and these should apply to everyone equally or no one at all. Pick only one of the two and stick with it, don’t even think of mixing and matching the rules to fit your politics.
    Now as you can imagine I am deeply hated by hypocrites but that is alright, I am on the side of Truth, Justice and the American Way! As you can imagine I sleep in Superman underwear. TMI?

    As a writer, I can see all of the issues of shades of gray between good and evil and I can write characters like that. As a human being, I find situational ethics and those who have them contemptible.

    If you have questions about the Military or weapons or history, feel free to ask, I don't know everything but I do know a heck of a lot.

    Love you guys!
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  2. Ankari

    Ankari Hero Breaker Moderator

    Quite an intro. Alright, welcome aboard. I favor Batman personally.
  3. Caged Maiden

    Caged Maiden Staff Article Team

    @ Robert Welcome. My brother went to Northwestern. Cool thanks for taking the time to tell us about you. Nice to meet you.

    @ Ankari. I once dated a guy who introduced me to the concept of Superman vs. Batman.

    He said, "There are two kinds of people in this world, those who love Superman and those who love Batman."

    I was like, "Really?"

    "Yeah. Think about it, Superman is the guy who does what he does because it's right...(or something like that). Batman is all about revenge."

    I stared wide-eyed, having been introduced to a concept I couldn't grasp. "Who in the world thinks Superman is better than Batman? That's just dumb..."

    And that was the beginning of the end for the two of us, because it turned out that while I was was completely in love with Batman (and his cars and sarcastic attitude, tortured soul, vengeful ways, and dark image), he loved Superman with his rightness and justice and heroism for the sake of heroism. Even his cryptonite weakness and super powers...

    And you know, since that day, I have realized there is quite a lot of truth in what he said. I've never met someone who loves both, it's either one or the other.
  4. dragonangel517

    dragonangel517 Scribe

    Welcome to the Scribes Robert.
  5. Mythic Scribes loves you too Robert:). Welcome, personally I've always been a Batman person, but I've no idea what that means. It's good to have a seasoned veteran on board, enjoy all this place has to teach.
  6. Robert Donnell

    Robert Donnell Minstrel

    Thanks for the welcome folks!
  7. Robert L Donnell

    Robert L Donnell New Member

    Hi, My name is Robert Donnell and my father Billy Merle Donnell was from Houston Texas. Your name popped up on a Google search and I read your post... we think a lot alike :)
  8. Ghost

    Ghost Inkling

    Ahaha, doppelganger!
  9. Chilari

    Chilari Staff Moderator

    Welcome Robert Donnell and Robert Donnell then! Robert L Donnell, are you also a writer? Might you be interested in fantasy at all? Because it'd be pretty cool to have two people with the same name on here as regular members.

    Robert who posted first, welcome to the scriptorium. It's always a good thing to have people with different lived experiences and perspectives. Variety is the spice of life, as they say. What sort of stories do you write? Do you use dragons, unicorns, vampires and magic in your stories, or do you prefer low fantasy without that stuff?
  10. Robert Donnell

    Robert Donnell Minstrel

    Long story but I had not used any writing skills for years so I wrote a book just to bring my writing skills back up to where they should be. So the point was to write for fun. I created a world where the most outrageous combinations could come together like American Indian Warriors could fly into battle on dragons while fighting werewolves with LASERs and surface to air missiles. I love Tom Clancy’s techno-thrillers and Tolkin too so what would happen it the two meet in a bar?

    Did you see the tank pic in the Gallery? No it is not real.
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  11. Wow, did I have too much mead again? I'll just go and google my name.
  12. Rikilamaro

    Rikilamaro Inkling

    Welcome to the Scribes!

    I'm not telling you what kind of underwear I wear. :) Congrats to your daughter!

    Let us know how we can help.

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