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RP Idea.

Discussion in 'Ask the Staff' started by Kingly342, Feb 2, 2016.

  1. Kingly342

    Kingly342 Scribe


    I have an Idea for a text based RP and I was told by a Moderator (Sheilawisz) to post it here, so I am now.


    The Kingdoms of Amris have been at peace for 40 years. The Great War is over and repairs are still being made to buildings. Empress Eileena Jikera II has brought upon a golden age to Amris. Peace reigns. Or so they thought.
    Little did she know that the Wendigoes of the Desert stumbled upon large quantities of Iron ore. With anger in their hearts they wage war with Men, Dorzahk and Elf.

    The Arkhein Empress underestimated the Wendigo forces and West Arkheim was lost. Now it is time for the combined forces of Men, Dorzahk and Elf to combat the Wendigoes.


    The PC's are a group of soldiers tasked with defeating the Wendigoes. This is the first time I've hosted an RP so I might make some mistakes.


    I'll give some backstory to the RP. It is set in Amris, a large continent covered in mostly forests. To the West is the desert, where the Wendigoes live. To the East are the Great Forests, where the Elves live. In the centre of Amris is Arkheim, the Human kingdom. It is divided into 5 states: North Akrheim, West Arkheim, South Arkheim, East Arkheim and Central Arkheim. The Dorzahk, or Dwarves, live beneath Amris. Their cities are scattered around Amris.


    This is how you make a character sheet:

    Age (18-40)
    Gender (Male or Female)
    Race (Human, Elf or Dorzahk)
    Small backstory

    SO there it is. My RP. I'll post weapons, npc's etc at a later time.
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