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Rules for a forum.


1.) No trolling.
2.) Please refrain from lewd content. Or if you do get crewd, properly use disclaimers.

I created a forum for expressing oneself about mental health issues plus a creative outlet for people with mental illness. I won't post a link to the forum here because I'm still ironing things out and there's blue material on the main blog I've written. It's setup so far to allow people over 18 to register, but I can't think of any decent rules for the forum. What I've got, I quoted above.

I don't want an absolutely everything goes kinda thing and I currently am doing manual approval to the forum. Please help me overhaul the rules. :D


*Crude, not crewd. English, don't you love it?

A rule against discussing relgion or politics (except where it relates to mental illness) might be a good idea.