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Scenery people: Does you setting have these?

In your setting, are there any people who are semi-permanent features of the setting without being significant characters themselves? They could be literally be one immortal being, like Charon, the Stygian oarman, or a perennial role assumed by various people (not kings, project managers, or other infrastructural roles, something more interesting), like Dread Pirate Roberts. Bonus points if they stay in one place; it adds to the scenery-ness.
I like the idea of someone being in a setting that you proverbially say hi to while passing by the street without ever getting to know them (well, I wouldn't wave hi to Charon... or to "take-no-prisoners" Roberts either...). I think of Tom Bombadil as sort of like this: he isn't really fleshed out as a person, and he just shows up.


I got a bunch, actually. I really like the concept.
I didn’t realize there was a term for it. I’m going to start using “scenery people” from now on.

Mad Swede

Yes, I think it gives a depth to the setting. More than that, I find it gives me a way for my characters to get information or learn about things without it being too contrived. The other thing I discovered was that characters like that can come back in later stories with an expanded role.