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"Secrets of the Throne" by CC Rogers (free through Nov 22, 2015)

Discussion in 'Self-Promotion' started by ccrogers3d, Oct 30, 2015.

  1. ccrogers3d

    ccrogers3d Scribe

    Danger... Romance... Magic...


    "Eighteen-year-old Lady Sharilyn Dawson yearns to sample the sophistication of the royal court. She recognizes an opportunity to leave her country home when she meets Lord Jonathan Redley, a widower who needs help caring for his young son. Life at the castle, however, is more perilous than she ever imagined.

    As lords vie for the throne and an assassin stalks the night, Sharilyn must learn to navigate the treacherous waters of politics before they claim her life."

    Special Offer
    “Buy” Secrets of the Throne from Smashwords and use the coupon code TX27K to receive it for FREE. (Coupon expires November 22, 2015)

    Secrets of the Throne is the first full-length novel that I've self-published. It takes place in the same universe as my webcomic, Rune: A Tale of Wizards and Kings, but its timeline is fourteen years before the webcomic starts.

    I would greatly appreciate it if you'd give my writing a try. I'd also be extremely grateful if you would share this offer with anyone who might enjoy the book.

    Thank you for your time!

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