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Seven Color Factions (plus one)

Discussion in 'World Building' started by Queshire, May 24, 2019.

  1. Queshire

    Queshire Auror

    Medieval stasis is a lie. When the mad dark god finally escapes his seal he'll find a world where magitech has let man spread to the stars and adventurers are transhuman super soldiers.

    (Gold) The Imperial Household: These guys are the boogiemen of the setting. Powerful and mysterious, the threat of attracting the Imperial Household's attention is one of the things which keeps the other factions from getting too extreme in their squabbling. These are the guys with the shiniest tech and the most powerful superweapons. Secretly the Emperor basically has no real power of their own and the Imperial Household has been acting "for the good of the Empire" on its own.

    (Red) The Rose Court: Claiming descent from the companions of the first Emperor who defeated the dark god all those years ago along with various kings/queens whose lands were absorbed into the Empire, noble houses and more. At their best they fulfill the classic knightly image but at their worst they're arrogant, decadent aristocrats. Of course, the faction isn't made up of just nobility though. It includes their servants and pets as well. Whether it's in wealth, combat or magic there's nothing this faction can't do, however each member of the faction views themselves as destined for greatness. Not only do they generally have poor teamwork with each other, but once the commanders are taken out their weaker units generally don't do too well on their own.

    (Orange) Promethean Makers Guild:
    Crafters and merchants with a reputation for colonizing the most inhospitable worlds. Previously they were a minor faction best known for producing arms and armor for the Rose Court, after discovering a source of rare materials on one of their worlds they managed to use the wealth it provided to basically buy their way to major faction status. There's plenty of people with little love for them and rumors that go around about them, but they've got their hands in so many different businesses that it's impossible to ignore them. SPACE DWAAAAAAAARVES. Known as the oranges as a result of the color of their forge fires.

    (Yellow) The Homeguard: When the Court is too busy playing their games to show up and the Guild is charging ridiculous sums for help it's up to the colonists themselves to pick up arms and defend their home. Hardy farmers and pioneers originating from the frontier of the Empire, they've learned not to turn down any advantage. They've incorporated the spiritual study of ley lines into their training and even use terraforming engines as weapons. No one can set up a colony as fast as the Homeguard. Their symbol is a yellow sun, hence the color.

    (Green) Yggdrasil University: The original creators of the ley line and terraforming technology utilized by the Homeguard, the University's scholars delve into the nature of magic and dimensions. They possess the best FTL engines and University techniques can open gateways or summon allies to the battlefield.

    (Blue) The Veil Tribes: Once there was a University seer who saw... something. That prophetess left the university and headed for the veil only to emerge some years later as the head of an alliance made up of the strange people who lived there. The Tribes use the strangest forms of magic. They see the future, manipulate souls and dreams, and summon ghosts. They bolster their numbers through recruiting criminals and the cursed. There's few who trust the tribes, but no matter what happens one can count on being able to find a second chance among their numbers.

    (Indigo) The Wild Hunt: Tracing their history to a group of privateers sent out to police the area between the veil and frontier, after a disastrous battle left them stranded on a hostile planet they were forced to turn towards biotechnology utilizing the native wildlife to survive. Even after escaping the planet they maintained their tradition of biotechnology. Few know more about taming monsters than them or incorporating bioaugments into their body. Of course, while the stereotype is the high flying half-monster pirate with slavering creatures fighting next to them they have colonies and take part in society like anyone else. Often the members of other factions might be surprised to find that the nearest Hunt contact is the kid working on a ranch just outside of town.

    (Violet) The Agency: Originally founded by members of the Rose Court who rejected their faction's ways and learning from the Wild Hunt the Agency are slayers and spies. They have seen the darkness the universe has to offer and are determined to fight against it no matter the cost. With the violet colored cursefire they wield, Agency colonies might not be places filled with song and sunshine, but few are better protected.
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