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Short story

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Dayu, Dec 21, 2020.

  1. Dayu

    Dayu Scribe

    The Hex Boy.

    Once upon a time there were two brothers with a gift for Hex magic. Both are loved and boasted by their parents. Hex magic was a rare affinity within the world they live in and they couldn't be any happier.

    These boys would horse around and play pranks on one another after practicing their magic. They even use their Hex magic on each other as a prank, turning the other into a frog or dog and other sorts of little critters.

    One day, after training, the brothers played and turned each other into different animals like they always do. The younger brother, feeling more competitive than usual because he could sustain the Hex much longer than his older brother, planned to surprise him in their barn where their farm animals are.

    Later in the afternoon, the older brother received a letter from the younger brother that said, "Come to the barn. I stole some chocolates from the kitchen. You know, the ones mom always keeps in a special jar inside the top cabinet." Without a second thought the older brother sprinted his way to the barn, expecting to eat those delicious sugary treats.

    However, when he arrived, instead of eating chocolates he was turned into a chicken, ambushed by his younger brother after falling pray for an obvious prank once you think about it. The younger brother laughed and laughed at his older brother and felt proud at what hes accomplished. The younger brother then skipped outside the barn with glee, knowing that he has surpassed his brother this time. While the older brother is ashamed that he fell into such an obvious trap. He was too busy thinking about those sweets. Ashamed, he decided to stay in the barn for awhile, at least until someone comes inside.

    Later in the evening, the brother's mother was busy preparing a feast for her children because the youngest achieved a feat that was difficult to attain for their age. It was the feat of making the effects Hex magic last for two hours. An very impressive feat indeed.
    She called her husband so he could help her carry the big chicken she had cooked from the barn for her youngest achiever.
    As the mother and father prepared the food on the table, the father asked, "Little one, where is your brother?" The younger brother replied, "Oh, I dunno, probably moping around." The father continues, "Well, his going to miss this delicious chicken. Why dont you go find him and bring him over." The younger brother begrudgingly agreed, so he went out to look for his brother.
    He looked and looked but his brother was nowhere to be found. He eventually ended up at the barn, to reminense his successful prank on his brother. As walked around the barn he noticed something. All the chickens are all in their cages, so he wondered, "Where did mom get the chicken for dinn-". The younger paused for a moment then ran as quickly as he could back to the dinner table. There he found the chicken was now half eaten. His mother then told him "Where is your brother? Come eat, we saved half of the chicken for you two." The father then continued to ask, "Where is your brother? Do you know how lucky you are? I found a lost chicken in the barn earlier. It was so big, I had to take it and have your mother cook it for you too. How lucky is that?!", the father expressed joyfully. The mother then asked, "What's wrong dear? You look pale. Is something bothering you?"

    End of part 1.

    What do you guys think? Please let me know and feel free to criticize or if you want the next part. That I can make thw next part better.
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