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Soldiers with the sadism of a cat

Discussion in 'Writing Discussions' started by ShadeZ, Sep 1, 2021.

  1. ShadeZ

    ShadeZ Maester

    So I have a species that have a number of cat like qualities and among them is the sadistic behaviour toward their foes. They have morals and they have logical reasons for fighting, they do not just attack because they wish to, but they do enjoy fighting and killing (this does not extend to enjoying torture). Their views of humans generally break down this way.

    Foes- They will rip an enemy limb from limb with utter zeal and not think twice of it. They refer to foes as prey and certainly seem to view them as such. Empathy for foes is generally lost to them. They could have a human friend and a human foe and the idea the human friend would feel pity or empathy for the enemy because it is human to or for any other reason is entirely lost on them. That said, they do have morals and logic if an enemy asks them to stop and swears they can explain something out then these creatures are very likely to hear them out.

    Allies- An ally they will protect. They generally have very territorial feelings about allies. They do not care about their allies so directly, they consider their allies to be "theirs" and to attack one of their allies and get away with it is a personal offence like if someone came into your house and attacked your pet or such.

    Friends-Though rare, they can form friendships outside of their own breed. When they do they are wickedly protective of their friends. There is nothing they wont give or do with those they see as friends. The level of always sacrifice for their friend far exceeds that of most humans because they see their friends as morally better than them so they will defer to them often.

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