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Sparks on Amazon Countdown Deal - Starting at $.99!!

RS McCoy

Hooray! After getting picked a short story picked up for an anthology, my week gets even better as my debut novel Sparks gets promoted on Amazon all week, starting at only $.99!!

Here's what the reviewers are saying:

The book was amazing...and you definitely don’t want to miss such an incredible book. It has everything: Mind-blowing intrigue, breathtaking romance and chilling action. ~Katie of Katie's Corner

Wow. And this is a debut novel? I am blown away at this book. I don't like fantasy books. I like contemporary much better, but this book was amazing. ~Alex of Book Chick

I loved the characters in the story. The main ones, the not so main ones, the bad ones, the good ones...all of them. Definitely cannot wait until the second installment. ~Kayla of Journey with Books

Please post, share and get the word out!


Thanks ya'll!!