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Sparrowmancer: New Release


Hello. I hope I am not violating the rules by posting this. I'm still new here. I apologize if this topic isn't welcome.

My 5th book, Sparrowmancer, is out on Kindle today. It's about an itinerant mage riding through a post-apocalyptic world, hunting mecha and banishing monsters. Think Mad Max + Dresden Files + Terminator. The paperback will be available soon, too.
Here is the link.



Thanks! My metric for success was whether nor not I sold enough copies to make writing my career. That was my goal. I'm very proud that I've published 5 books and that I've gotten good reviews, but I have failed to meet my goal nonetheless.


you know it might take time, it might happen tomorrow, next year, in a decade next century... who knows? but what is sure is that your words made good stories. Stories that your readers love and cherished. writing last forever and yours have been branded as good and that has to count for something.
also your peoblem is not as a writer but as a marketer.


My books will outlive me. Maybe they'll get discovered and become popular after I'm dead. I'm fine with that. Establishing a career as any kind of artist is indeed something that takes time, if it happens at all. It's already taken me two decades, and now I have to move on for financial reasons. I just can't sustain the endeavor anymore and I have to focus on making money so I can take care of myself when I'm older.

It is true that my problem is with marketing. Marketing offends me. That isn't a good attitude to have, because marketing is actually more important than art if you want to be a professional. That's my advice to aspiring authors:
If you just want to be a writer, then write. If you want to write for a living, focus on marketing first. The writing is secondary.