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Spider People

Discussion in 'World Building' started by Reilith, Mar 21, 2015.

  1. Reilith

    Reilith Sage

    I decided to include another two races into my WIP, and while one are the Naga which are going to be pretty usual in their portrayal I am having a problem with writing about their nemesis, the Spider Nation. The Spider Nation is important as the third POV is going to be from their country, and I wanted to ask for opinions on what I've made so far.

    I didn't make them a different race per se, but I did make them magic bound to the spiders - tribal people who used blood magic bound with the spiders of their land, making a spiritual and mental link which enhances their powers and helps them rise in the hierarchy. Is this something that sounds workable? I probably won't go too much into the Spider Nation's customs in the first part of the series, but I do need some background because the character that I am writing is a girl basically ostracized because she is not a full blood and doesn't have blood magic and further more she has powers like the people of the country my story is set in.

    A bit more info - the Arachnae live in an archipelago close to the shores of Therannia and are something like a part of the country, but are independent in leading their people while mutually cooperating when needed.
    Blood magic and the spider magic are the two types that the Arachnae can have - they need either one or both to receive training - the character I'm writing has only the second and only in the smallest form at start, but she also has magic that is the trait of Mages of Therannia, as her father was a Mage, while her mother is full Arachnae. Being 'unpure' made her life hard, but when she got powers she was not supposed to have the nation gave her a choice to leave her people and go to Therannia, or her and her mother be 'cleansed of her sins' (aka killed). To avoid her mother's death she leaves, and in Therannia meets the other MC's.

    Does all this sound plausible, or just strained?

    I could really use some help clarifying this stuff, as she was a later addition to the novel and wasn't even in plan before.
  2. Philip Overby

    Philip Overby Staff Article Team

    It sounds fine to me. Anytime you're creating a race of people that are seemingly spliced with humans, you're going to run the risk of people putting their own ideas against it. Like they may expect the animal (or insect) part of them to overtake the human part. As long as you maintain some kind of balance, it should be fine.

    One thing I might suggest is looking at driders from the D&D universe. They're cursed drow elves that are followers of Lloth the Spider Queen. They're half elf and half spider. Also I believe the Shadows of the Apt series deals with races of people that are based off various insects (although I don't think they're insectoid in anyway) such as wasps, bees, and the like.
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  3. Reilith

    Reilith Sage

    I know a bit or two about driders, but I decided not to make my spider people of different race altogether. They just get a sort of boost as their kind mixed their blood during rituals, so they didn't actually breed to make a new race. They only have the deep connection and live in peace with the spiders on their islands.

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