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Sport in Fantasy world

Discussion in 'World Building' started by Smajdalf, Sep 5, 2016.

  1. Smajdalf

    Smajdalf Scribe

    I was thinking about some sports in my fantasy world and I created this one:
    Golem's Bond
    This sport is played moatly on schools of magic. An apprentice will create or join a club, record it in an atlas of school and he or she will get a small crystal called Golem Storager. In the Storager there is one unit of Magiradii, the essence/energy of magic. From this unit you can shape any monster of choice. If you are studying light magic, you create a monster out of light magic, etc. You control this monster with your thoughts. It's made out of magic half-matter, so you cant destroy or damage or hurt anything or anyone.
    You can fight with other apprentices and their monsters. When your monster damages other one, like cut's of leg, the energy comes back to Storager's alternate storage, and after battle you get it in the main storage. Your own Magiradii grows in numbers after battle the amount of damage you done, but this has a penalty:
    5 units: you get only 1/2 of amount of damage
    10 units: 1/5
    15 units: 1/10
    20 units: 1/15
    25 units: 1/20
    Simply, the penalty grows each 5 units you get.
    You can create objects the monster can use, such as arrows, before or in battle. However, in battle creating costs twice the amount. Healing the monster costs ten times the amount.
    It's extremely highly unrecommended to use all the amount of your Magiradii.
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  2. Ban

    Ban Sir Laserface Article Team

    So it's magical pokemon?

    Sounds fun.

    The sports in my worlds are usually based on the real world. Horse races, duels, gladiator fights, spear throwing, archery etc..
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  3. Smajdalf

    Smajdalf Scribe

    It quite sounds like Pokémon, but you create the monster, and the Storager grows in power, not the monster. The monster can't be big as a human, because one Magiradii unit means cartain amount of content, maybe 3 dl.
    This amount grows, too. It's even possible to create more than one thing. Someone really powerfull could create even a hundred of small creatures, but controlling this amount is significantly harder. Twenty powerful ones in two clubs could go into war. Imagine that! Two armies made out of arcanic, dark, light, fire, ice, thunder and more magic types would fight! Wouldn't that be epic?

    (Only a really very powerful one could create monsters big or bigger than humans, and out of Magic Matter, not Half-Matter)
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  4. SaltyDog

    SaltyDog Sage

    Cool! Sounds very interesting.
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  5. ThaJakesta

    ThaJakesta New Member

    Sounds really cool and unique! My Orcs have the equivalent of Rugby in their world, except instead of a ball its a Goblin...They use a lot of balls.
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  6. Russ

    Russ Istar

    In my world it is card and dice games. Really like the OP's idea though.
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