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Super Short Story Contest

Hello everyone!

I am new to the board and haven't met too many of you, but I would like to let you guys know about a super short story contest I am currently in charge of. The rules are as follows:

Write a super short story (about 150-200 words) about fantasy heroism. Feel free to be as campy as you like. We are talking Dudly Dooright campy. The Tick campy. Minsc and Boo campy. Big heroes fighting big monsters all in a very little space.

The top winner will receive a medal for heroism in writing. The top winner and any runners up will have their works included in an upcoming PC RPG called Hero's Journey (with the name of your choice mentioned in the credits).

If you are interested, send your name and entry to: [email protected]
Entry is free and there is no limit to the number of entries you can submit. The deadline for submissions is the end of July, so hurry up!

If you want more details, check out the Akamaru Games site

Send us your stories! We look forward to reading them.
Thanks all for your support so far. Our contest is slowly grinding to a close with just about one week remaining to hand in your submissions. Let's hear what heroic stories you have for us!
A winner has been selected! Now all that is left is for our monkeys to forge and deliver the prize!

We will be having a Halloween themed writing contest come next month, so for those of you who didn't win, start thinking about some funny epitaphs because they might be useful...
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Merlin entered your contest? Even without having read his story*, I'm not surprised that he won… unless Gandalf was in the contest too.

*(Will the winning story, or maybe the top 3 or 5 or whatever, eventually be posted on the site?)
I must admit, we were just as mesmerized with his name as his story. Throw a sir in front of that and you have a pretty bada$$ knight name. As for whether the top story(s) will be posted, that's up to management, so I am not sure. For sure it will be included in the storytelling mini-game portion of the video game at least.
Well we would like to involve our future fans as much as possible. Still trying to figure out how best to do that ;)
The winning entry(s) for the next contest will also be put into the game.


Sounds like an interesting competition, I'm looking forward to participating in the next one!
Also, the welcome blurb on your website is fantastic, it's one of the very few that actually make me want to come back and check out the game when it's finished.
Thank you kindly. The game really is a labor of love that we look forward to sharing with as many people as possible. We have already plunked a good year and a half into it, so it would be nice to know that at least someone will know about it when we are done ;) We also look forward to seeing many many contributions for our next contest! I should be making a post about it in a bit over a week from now.

For now, I have a romance story between a ski instructor and a rubezhal to be writing and coding.