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Supernal: World Map

Discussion in 'Second Hand: Chat RPG' started by Reaver, Aug 13, 2012.

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    Welcome to Supernal.

    A thousand years ago, two hundred of the world's most powerful wizards fought a great war on Ashudu, the planet's only moon. Wanting to spare the inhabitants of Supernal the unfathomable destruction their fighting would bring, the sorcerers all agreed to take their fight to the moon.

    After nearly a year of fighting, thirteen of the surviving wizards combined their powers to cast one spell, hoping to bring an end to the war. In an ironic twist of fate, the incantation turned out to be too powerful and it caused Ashudu to fall out of orbit collide with Supernal.

    The impact utterly destroyed an entire half of the planet's surface, wiping out nearly two thirds of its population.

    The other half of the planet didn't fare much better.

    Entire continents shifted. Tsunamis and earthquakes nearly wiped out every kingdom, empire, city, town and village.

    The impact also sent a massive plume of dust and other pulverized debris into the sky, blocking much of the sun and starlight, creating a permanent haze over the entire planet.

    Almost ten centuries later, the inhabitants of Supernal live in a new world; one of almost constant peril and struggle, doing whatever they must to survive.

    Due to what the majority of Supernal's inhabitants call "The Moon Crash", much of the world's remaining surface, collective history, knowledge and technology has been lost and is slowly being rediscovered or reinvented.

    Although the future of Supernal is uncertain, one thing is abundantly clear: Supernal is a world like none other.
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