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Discussion in 'The Islands' started by Galbatroth, Sep 6, 2012.

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    The Myths Of Syria

    The God Of War Mallekier
    Mallekeair was the first born son of Galgorroth, the god of thunder. And was highly favored for his wisdom, knowledge, and skill in combat. Soon his wisdom, knowledge, and skill in battle surpassed that of any other god. Overtime he grew selfish, and desired to sit on the throne of Rozon, creator of worlds.
    So Mallekeair challenged Rozon to mortal combat over the surface of the earth. Rozon hesitantly excepted his challenge, and they fought for weeks in a fierce display of glory and power. At the end of seven weeks time, Rozon threw Mallekier down to earth, binding his soul to the earth, cursing him to be forever imprisoned until a man purchased his pardon, or slew him once and for all.
    But no god in the heavens boasted , for Rozon returned, and died seven days later, for his wounds were more severe than he thought.

    War For The Fire Soul
    The Fire soul was gem of magnificent power, rumored to imprison the soul of, Mallekier.
    The people of Syria divided into three warring factions: the Imperials, the Falcons, and the Goddites. Each faction fought for control of the Fire Soul, believed to be lost in the ruins of Farrendure. It was believed that he who wielded the Fire Soul, could set Mallekeair free, or devour his soul and become a god.

    The Kings Of Syria
    The Kings of Syria, were believed to be sons of Mallekeair, for their uncanny ability to predict their opponents next move, and counter it. Statues of the kings were spread throughout the land, setup as shrines, so the people of Syria could make supplications to their kings.

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