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Team FATHOM - Introduce Your Heroine

Discussion in 'Huntresses Attack Monsters!' started by Legendary Sidekick, May 14, 2018.

  1. Legendary Sidekick

    Legendary Sidekick The HAM'ster Moderator

    Post your heroine's...
    1. NAME
    2. TYPE (Fairy / Amazon / Tin Maiden / Huntress / Oceanid / Monstress)
    3. APPEARANCE (Monstress: this most notably includes your bestial half)
    4. WEAPON OF CHOICE (Tin Maiden/Huntress: this includes your starting technology)
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  2. Peebothuhlu

    Peebothuhlu Troubadour

    'Suny' (As she prefers to be called by her friends) is a cheery, happy soul. Having grown up with others of her people amognst the more remote islands of the world.

    N'so, a description o' th' kin 'Back home'. Island Elves of which she wus a part of would seem to be more 'Native' like. Simple hunter, gather-ers who might supplement things with a bit of 'natural' crop farming and other horticulture'l endeavors.

    Now, bein' Native don't mean bein' Stoopid. *Frowns and waggles a warning finger at folks.*

    Since they're more like Seals then Fish, they'd be on goodly terms wi' th' Merfolks there abouts an' probably have good trade relations wi' 'em. As fer raiders an' such? Well, every community puts up with that sort o' folk in a fantasy setting, right (^_~) ?

    Suny's (Elasandriel) kith and kin have been living on the edges of the sea from time immemorial. Whether it was exploring some new and pristine beach or scampering about the rigging of whatever sailing vessel was the fashion of the day. Being 'Of the sea and shore' are part of her nature.



    "Hey! Is ME!" :D

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  3. Devor

    Devor Fiery Keeper of the Hat Moderator

    She was dubbed a product of groundbreaking science when she was introduced to the mines, but Defintly knew that wasn't right. Science couldn't explain the metallic properties of her outer skin, the movement of the drill-like device attached to one arm, or the way she wobbled when she moved. Her internal database told her conclusively that these things were explained in terms of chemistry and physics, so whatever "science" was, it had to be nonsense.

    Still, Defintly could sometimes remember bits and pieces of a life without the tin. Her database referred to these moments as "dreams," and they were wonderful. She wobbled not from the weight of her body but from the grossness of the grass on the ground and the weakness of her legs as she pattered her feet up to a woman she called "Mu moo." The memory constantly haunts her, this Mu moo looking down at her with a smile. People didn't normally respond to her that way.

    Defintly was the "machine" that would either steal their jobs or crash the mines in above their heads and kill everyone. That didn't compute with her. She could only work one job. And the mines were already too unstable for her to be responsible for any incidents that might occur.

    So when a dwarf caused half the mine to cave in over his head, and the landowners had to dismiss half the miners because they couldn't afford to dig it out, Defintly decided it was time to take herself, her drill arm, and her pick ax, and slip out with her wages. After all, even if it wasn't her fault, other people were not computational beings, and the expressions that befell the faces of the other miners was something her database processed as Contempt: Recommended protocol: Avoid people who view you this way at all costs.

    Tin Maiden
    Looks like a series of stacked dirty metal buckets
    Earth Crunchers and Pickax
  4. Corwynn

    Corwynn Troubadour

    Wynry Bluestocking is of the Shimmerglade Bluestockings, if you know that sort of thing, not that anyone cares, in fact, there are no other Bluestockings, so… let’s start again.

    Wynry got into monster-hunting more or less by accident. She started as a treasure-hunter, but got stuck in the web of a giant spider. That might have been the end of her, if a party of monster-hunters hadn’t come along and freed her. She tagged along with them to get revenge on the spiders and get the treasure. She made a good account of herself, even shooting the arrow that killed the spider queen (do spiders have queens? It was the biggest one anyway). The monster hunters decided to keep her on long-term, a decision that they gradually came to regret. Wynry’s insatiable curiosity, reckless nature, and unreliable magic kept getting her fellow hunters into hot water. One day, she woke up at the local inn to discover that her former group had snuck out in the night, leaving her behind. She has since tried to become better at her job. She won’t touch everything, she has gotten a bit more cautious, and she hasn’t lost her clothes in over a month (a new record!).

    She has no problem with working with men, it’s just that this group was the only one willing to take her along.

    Likes: shiny things, giving her teammates cutesy nicknames, sweets, inventing creative uses for her magic, taking down beasts 50x her size

    Dislikes: getting trapped, sitting still, having her clothes destroyed, letting her team down, her magic backfiring

  5. Ireth

    Ireth Myth Weaver

    Einin hails from a northerly forested area close to the sea. She never meant to become a monster-hunter, much less a Monstress. As a human lass she was apprenticed to the village healer, and learned much of herbs and healing. All was well until just after her 18th birthday, when she took over the role of healer for the village. The village chieftain died of a sudden illness, and Einin was blamed -- some said she was simply negligent, while others claimed she had murdered him. Einin saw no choice but to flee, as the penalty for such a crime was death. She was pursued to the edge of the sea, on the summit of a cliff; with no escape but down, she leapt from the height and prayed to the gods that she would survive. One listened, and blessed her with the features of a barn owl. She flew far away and never looked back, though she feels terribly for the family she left behind. A year later, Einin has arrived in a new land and taken up with a band of women on the hunt for monsters. Every such group needs a healer, right? Her talons will help her defend herself and her companions as well.

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  6. Orc Knight

    Orc Knight Auror

    So, to introduce the next monstrous monstress.

    Spinette, an Arachne from an underground cave system on a very honey combed island in which she and her family were burned out of by hunters and a rather irate volcano elemental. Stealing a couple ships and webbing them together they braved the sea's and learned to take from the sea before she took off to adventure and maybe get some payback. As a yellow banded Arachne, she has a black and yellow striped upper human body and the more tuar back half is a bulbous black abdomen with another band of yellow stripes and six long skinny legs, three to each side. She has an angular face with two large main eyes and three eyes on each side beside them that are colored purple and ridges like hair flowing to shoulder length beneath her helmeted like head. She mainly fights by way of claws and using her climbing abilities for things like ambushes.
  7. pmmg

    pmmg Istar

    Okay, since I was approached so nicely, We'll see how it goes. No promises though....

    Xenalite (Zee-na-Lye-tee) like Aphrodite but with an X
    Amazon -- As in amazing and zon (whatever that means, which I think it means something like 'take it back or I'll pound you').
    Looks -- Yes, that counts for armor, and hey, my eyes are up here....
    WOC -- Double Bladed Ax (don’t ask)

    As fate would have it, Ares has more than one famous amazon daughter, only his second was not quite as famous, or as well known, or in fact known at all. Not even by her own sister and mother. And while one daughter was gifted with the strength of ten men, the other, Xenalite, is more like gifted with the strength of two men, and fairly weak ones at that. Born on an island (with a secret name similar to mascara) to a hidden amazon tribe she was inked as an infant with the instantly recognizable double bladed axe symbol on her right cheek. A symbol which has caused in others some speculation as towards her dating interests, and to herself, more than a little angst, cause like any good amazon, she likes men. Likes to use them up and kill them after they are spent (Least, that's how its done, isn't it?). Unlike some of her amazon sisters, Xenalite was not willing to cut off one of her own breasts (Ow and yuck!), but consequentially this has made her very bad at archery (-1 to archery). This she makes up for with her strength and powerful double-bladed axe, which she can throw with some force at short distances (+1 to tossing her axe away). Why a double bladed axe? don’t ask. Xenalite earned her bracers at a young age (some contest to see who would go join the world of men, won by some tart with a roman name, whom she would have beaten if not for the sun getting in her eyes and the fact that the b**** was good at deflecting axes), and bounded off into the world, cause the island was actually kind of boring, what with guarding useless stuff and pretending to like training all the time.

    Not sure how Xenalite would end up with all these other lesser monster hunters, but there she is.

    Motto: Just tell me what to roll and I’ll roll it.
  8. lesbiancowboy

    lesbiancowboy Acolyte

    1. Glass
    2. Monstress - Hyena
    3. Standing at almost 6 feet tall, Glass's name may be fragile but she most certainly isn't. She has a wavy mess of white-blonde hair that barely comes down to her chin and often falls right above her eyes. Her ears, legs/feet, and tail are all spotted hyena. She has sharp, canid teeth and is pretty furry all over, but the fur is minimal from the neck up. Her eyes are a sharp stark blue (stark blue is the color of blue husky eyes).
    4. Glass likes using her hatchets (dual wield), but can also bite and claw. She typically has at least 1 hyena with her and can get lonely without one.
    5. She grew bored of her homeland, of hunting the same prey every day. And, well, there's no prey like man, so once one has hunted armed men long enough and liked it, they never really care for anything else thereafter. She loves the thrill of running someone or something down and loves the taste of fresh meat. When she found out she had a chance at meeting some Amazons, she immediately took off to adventure.
    6. She's 50% here to meet pretty Amazon women, 50% here for public-sanctioned murder.
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