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Test my concept! With religion and magic.


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Hi guys! I have a basic overview of the magic system and religion in my world, but I need some deep dwelling that I can't seem to focus on. I would love questions and critiques to get my mind going and really flesh out this concept!

The way to world was made is a God made himself two sons (twins). One of the boys wanted extra power and in order to gain that power he was going to murder the father. The father sacrificed himself to the second son so that the son could imprison the first. The fathers body was used to make a planet which my story takes place. The planet is home to 7 tribes who believe that they are made up of a part of his being (ex: tribe one is make up of his blood, the water of the land.)
Magic was released into the world when the Father Of Gods died and his body was used (basically) as fertilizer. Magic is like a skill that is very hard to learn unless you have a natural ability to do so. It takes years of practice and studying. Magic is frowned upon because it is believed that you are stealing from the Father so not many delve in it, and/or it is done in secret. People who are talented have outburst if they do not study to control it. Magic consists of controlling the elemental energies around you. It takes energy of the person casting and they can die from exhaustion. Magic is addictive and very hard to stop using. Also, the caster can only use things that are close to them, such as a camp fire to shoot a fireball. There is less magic in the world because it is being used up. The God only has so much due to him being dead. It's not a renewable resource.

Ok! Let me have it! And thank you in advanced!


How will this be relevant to the story you want to tell? That's the first question I have and its also probably the most important one to ask when coming up with a cool feature for your setting.


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It will come into play with social class and they way people treat each other. The story centers around two people, one who is very good with magic and wants to practice it, the other who doesn't at all and wants it eradicated. The world in general is a very religious place.

There is also a racial theme. Basically, the more mixed tribal blood you are, the less you are viewed as a person. So someone who might have a few tribes in their bloodline and also uses magic is basically a sin.


What do people believe in? What do they worship or pursue, and what do they hope to gain from it?
In no particular order of importance, these are the questions I came up with:

1) Why was the Father threatened by his son that craved power?
2) What exactly is magic? If it's a finite resource then what created it? (I know you said it came into the world when the one God died) Where is it stored? How does one "use" it?
3) How do the people know any of this stuff? Why do they all share the same religion?
4) Why don't the magic users use their powers to rule everyone else?
5) You said that using magic can exhaust you, what does that mean? What is the actual limit? Is it like exercise where the better you train the more endurance you have or is it fixed?
6) You mentioned it was addictive, what do they become addicted to? What's the result of withdrawals?
7) What does less magic in the world mean practically speaking? Is it harder to get elements to do what you want or harder to start a spell?
8) What does magic use even look like? Do I say a word and then I can make a campfire jump around? Do I do a magic gesture and then I can turn the campfire into a walking, fiery automaton?