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Discussion in 'Second Hand: Chat RPG' started by Philip Overby, Aug 21, 2012.

  1. Philip Overby

    Philip Overby Staff Article Team

    To discuss any of the following quests, bounties, or requests please go to http://mythicscribes.com/forums/second-hand-chat-rpg/4927-philliam-inn-skies.html. It's best to get a dialogue going with fellow party members who may want to go on a specific quest or pursue a bounty. If you have more questions about the posts, please go ask Philliam or Reaver. The Bounty Board will be stickied and updated every week, so check for new quests and bounties by the date posted.

    August 21st, 2012

    1. Title: The Frost Giant Princess Sucks the Town Dry

    Point of Contact: Philliam

    Description: Bent City has recently have problems with paying a tribute of food to a band or raiders and thieves camped out in Mount Rallik. The exiled Princess Vera of the Traveling Nation of Frost Giants has since taken control of these raiders, who she uses to siphon off food and money from the struggling Bent City. The mayor, Lucian, is searching for a group to go to Mount Rallik and either kill Vera and her minions or try to negotiate a deal that can mutually benefit both the Mount Rallik camp and Bent City. Vera sends a group down from the mountain every week to demand tribute and it's making the people of Bent City restless. Whoever is chosen for the job must meet with Vera's envoys during one of the days they arrive.

    Reward: Negotiable (yet substantial)

    Difficulty: Party of 4 (Average)

    2. Title: Propeller Needed! Begins September 1st, 2012

    Point of Contact: Philliam

    Description: Philliam has been gathering various materials to help reactive his Inn of the Skies and has recently located a propeller that is a perfect fit. The problem is, it's in the ruins of the city of Graspel, a former dwarven stronghold a day's journey from Bent City. Now known as the Graspel Junkyard, it's ruled over by Slick Sani, a desert elf engineer with a propensity to craft things of junk. He's surrounded himself with goblins to protect his "precious metals" so receiving the propeller may not be easy. Philliam promises a bonus for any other material for his airship that can be salvaged. Since Slick Sani has stolen most of this "junk," Philliam is under the belief that stealing it back would be perfectly fine.

    Reward: 10,000 steel (lump payment), 4 Magical Items (three uncommon, one rare)

    Difficulty: Party of 4 (Hard)

    3. Title: Muddy Waters

    Point of Contact: Philliam (Bounty Board)

    Description: A swamp hag named Gamaru is responsible for several scouts going missing in and around Sugwump Marsh. Philliam has been contacted by an undisclosed official to deal with the hag. This official wants the hag dead. Proof of the hag's death must be brought to Philliam to receive the reward.

    Reward: 15,000 steel (lump payment), 6 Magical Items (quality unverified)

    Difficulty: Party of 4 (Hard)

    4. Title: Crystal Clear

    Point of Contact: Reaver

    Description: Reaver is in desperate need of a resupply of Ashudu stones. There has been an abandoned tower located two days from Bent City that used to house a very powerful high elf wizard. His tower was well guarded to protect his many secrets and large collection of Ashudu stones. Reaver believes this cache is still there at the top of the tower. However, there are creatures about and it's a notorious place for treasure hunters to travel. Rumor is that a group that call themselves "The Marvelous Four" have already infiltrated the tower. Unfortunately, Reaver hates all four of them. So he'd like a group to venture there and beat them to the punch.

    Reward: Negotiable (discuss with Reaver)

    Difficulty: Party of Four (Very Hard)

    Once a party is formed and finalized, only one group can accept a quest. So it's first come, first served.
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