'The Diamond Ordinance' (Concept from my current WIP)

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    The Diamond Ordinance is the name given to a collection of floating temples inhabited by the Gods of the world I'm currently building (Deija).

    The temples are often pyramidal in shape but they actually cycle through various structures over time (or they did in the past). The temples themselves are the vessels the Gods arrived in a millennia or so ago; while they look crystalline in nature, they're actually constructed from some kind of unclassifiable biological matter.

    Humans at the time named the temples 'The Diamond Ordinance' although the term has fallen from general use and can no longer be found in any currently published religious script.

    The Gods themselves are passive parasites that travel through space in a non-physical, coma-like state. The Gods are pulled towards any nearby sentient life and they shift their forms to match the life they encounter. The Gods are inter-dimensional travellers that siphon the sentiency of the life they meet to maintain themselves.

    Human sentiency impacted the Gods in ways they had not experienced before and in ways they were not prepared to manage. The complex nature of human emotion degraded some of the younger/weaker of their kind until they found themselves imprisoned in their physical, human forms.

    These damaged Gods would manage to retain only a fraction of their original power and were discovered to ultimately accelerate the degradation of the Gods around them. Internally the Gods would refer to this as the 'Fall to Humanity' and they would eject their fallen brothers and sisters from the temples, forcing them to live among humans.

    Prolonged, direct contact with the Gods would also prove to be harmful to humans. Long periods of close contact would often result in severe brain damage or psychosis. As the Gods realised this they distanced themselves from their human worshippers and halted all humanitarian efforts on Deija.

    By this time, much of the damage was done and many of the Gods chose to leave to continue on their interplanetary journey. The weaker of the Gods that remained were the next to fall; currently, only one of the temples, Deijarune, remains inhabited.

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    The Diamond Ordinance is just one part of the puzzle but its history is very important to the story in the present. I suppose I'll have a much wider frame of reference for this so if any ideas don't seem fully realised or explained just let me know and I can expand on them :)

    First time posting so thanks for reading!
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    Thanks for posting! I like your ideas. What is the setting of Deija? The Diamond Ordinance seems like it would have a major impact on society. How does this complex relationship between humans and interdimensional beings work? Are people aware that the gods are parasitic?

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