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The First FicFun Writing Contest Officially Sets Sail

Discussion in 'Notice Board' started by jimjim2017, Jul 20, 2017.

  1. jimjim2017

    jimjim2017 New Member


    Are you a literature lover? Do you want to share your love and work with the world? Do you want to get paid by writing online? If so, then we have some news for you! The first writing contest held by FicFun will take place this July. Professional writers, amateurs, and literature lovers alike are all encouraged to make an entry! In addition to prizes up to $7,000, we will select writers with potentials to become contracted authors. This means we’ll pay you for every word you write! Sound good? Then don’t hesitate to act now!

    Anyone who has an account on FicFun

    Romance, Teen Fiction, Vampire / Werewolf, Mystery/Crime, and Fantasy/Sci-Fi

    1. Choose one Genre
    2. Submit
    3. Complete the Contact Info
    4. Automatically go to the Author Center
    5. Click Create a Book to start
    *PLEASE NOTE that all entries must be submitted through the Competition Page. Books created by directly clicking Create from the homepage won’t have the qualification to enter the contest.
    *Please don't change the genres of your works for the competition.Any genre except for the five genres(Romance, Teen Fiction, Vampire / Werewolf, Mystery/Crime, and Fantasy/Sci-Fi) will not have access to the competition.
    *In addition, books submitted through the Competition Page can be updated through clicking Create on the homepage.

    1、Contest Duration: July 3 to September 4, 2017
    2、Reader’s Poll: July 3 to September 4, 2017
    3、Vote Tallying and Award Announcement: September 4 to September 8, 2017
    4、Prizes will be awarded from September 11 to October 6, 2017

    Fan Choice Award
    USD 500 for champions
    USD 300 for the second place contestants
    USD 200 for the third place contestants
    USD 100 for the fourth place contestants
    USD 100 for the fifth place contestants
    * Five winners for each genre and 25 prize winners in total will be selected based on the votes(including readers' and editors')they receive.

    Other prizes:
    Editor's Choice Award: USD 100
    * The editors will select 10 winners among those who are not included in the top 25.

    Readers Award: Amazon electronic gift cards (USD 10 each card)
    * During the contest, all readers are welcome to post comments below the entries. After the announcement of prize winners, the writers of the 3 most-liked comments will receive Amazon electronic gift cards (USD 10 each card). Each account will only be awarded 3 cards at most.
    Requirements for prize-winning readers:
    1).Each comment cannot be less than 30 words.
    2).The prize-winning readers shall be in the regions that support the use of Amazon electronic card.

    1). During the contest, all contestants must upload their works to the designated page. The works have to be original,contestants have the copyrights. If the contestants violate any rules of the contest, they will be disqualified. Authors are free to write about any theme or topic except child pornography and bestiality.
    2).Entries must meet the following requirements: at least 5 chapters with 2000 or more words per chapter; The piece of writing must have more than 100 votes in order to be considered as a valid entry into the competition. The final result will depend on the number of votes, and each account is limited to 10 votes per month.
    3).The entries have to be novels which will be judged only based on the number of votes. For the sake of fairness, all entries will be displayed on the contest page and the latest works will be placed at the forefront. Therefore, we advise you to update your work frequently, even if it is only a short story.
    4).For the authors who have already uploaded works to FicFun before the contest. If the works are original and haven’t been published on any other platform. Then they are also qualified to enter the competition.For more details, please send emails to [email protected] or contact our editors.
    5).After the competition, FicFun will select a group of contestants as our contracted authors. As a contracted author, you will receive remuneration per month from FicFun as long as you update your articles according to the contract. The basic requirements for work are to update at least 15 chapters per month, with each chapter no less than 2000 words and the number of total chapters no less than 150. The remuneration for each chapter is $20,and every chapter must be verified by our editors to ensure the quality. The more popular your works are, the more you will be paid. It is important to note that the winners of the contest are not necessarily our contracted authors. Anyone who uploads works to FicFun's website, whether they are competition entries or not, can become our contracted authors,but the winners of the competition have a high priority,more votes bring more possibilities to be a contracted author. Our professional team will carefully judge every piece of work.
    6).If the works of the contracted author fails to bring more readers or clicks in two months, FicFun will be involved in the creation processes of works through giving instructions on the modification of plots, increasing the frequency of updates and other means. If the conditions of works still have no change in one month, FicFun will cancel the works after careful consideration.
    7).Remuneration: Monthly remuneration will be issued before the end of next month. The works of contracted authors have to be original, and FicFun has exclusive copyright of the works of contracted authors. Other specifics about copyrights will be stipulated in the contract.

    Sound good? If so, then tell a friend, pick up your pens and keyboards, and join the fun!
    If you have other questions, you can email us. Our email address is [email protected]. You can find us on Facebook at FicFun Ding. You can also contact us via Discord. Our current authors are use this software to make communication quick and convenient. Our Discord ID is Tomcrueding # 8806 and Betty Liu#7669.
    FicFun reserves the right of final interpretation for the terms.
  2. Michael K. Eidson

    Michael K. Eidson Archmage

    For anyone seriously considering becoming a contracted author for FicFun, let me draw your attention to the following rules, extracted directly from the above, emphasis my own:

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  3. Steerpike

    Steerpike Felis amatus Moderator

    Yeah, the copyright language is onerous. I don't know why anyone would agree to that. A license, of course, but not a full transfer of copyright.

    The idea that they want final say in interpreting terms is wishful thinking on their part. At least, if any of this ended up in litigation.

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