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The god mech and the thousand year war

Discussion in 'The Dreamscape' started by Xenodeus Blade, Oct 21, 2020.

  1. Xenodeus Blade

    Xenodeus Blade Sage

    Okay I had a dream once 10 years ago that I think would make a good story, though I couldn’t find a way to turn the concept into a story.

    The dream starts with a massive battle in space where an admiral mentions that the thousand year war is about to end. Then a soldier turns into an angelic robot with a giant sword and slashed through the enemy ships then a giant metal ball with tendrils appears and the god mech flies towards it...then I woke up.

    It really stuck for some reason.
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  2. It could be the saga of a cyborgized angel in a human guise trying to defeat an evil robotic god that started a thousand year long war, rife with world-building and elaborate story arcs.

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