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The Keep: Player's Respite

Discussion in 'Second Hand: Chat RPG' started by Reaver, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. Caged Maiden

    Caged Maiden Staff Article Team

    :wavespin:Can you also edit the typo on my character sheet? I can't edit it and it annoys me.
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  2. Reaver

    Reaver Kwisatz Haderach Moderator

    There you go. Oh! Your CHARACTER sheet. Okay.
  3. Penpilot

    Penpilot Staff Article Team

    Name: Aliius Winter's-Eye.
    Race: Mountain elf
    Sex: Male
    Class: Sniper

    Strength- 6
    Agility- 4
    Stamina- 4
    Intelligence- 6
    Awareness- 7*
    Charm- 4
    Luck- 5


    Frak My Life (FML)(Rank 1) Uses Luck: Before engaging in all confrontations do a luck roll. If the luck roll succeeds, Aliius is on his game, life is good, and he gets +1 to one of the following: Charm, Awarness, or Agility until end of confrontation. If luck roll fails -1 to all three until confrontation ends.

    Trick Shot (Rank 1) Uses Awareness. Ability to ricochet a bullet around a corner (+1 Awareness +1 Luck).


    IF FML in negative effect total rounds in guns and rifles reduced by two by assumed misfires and all bonuses granted by equipment reduced by -1.

    Headache Sniper Rifle (two handed), (7 rounds), (Rank 1) - (+1 to awareness when equipped).

    *Mask of Deadly Focus (Rank 1) - (-2 to agility +1 to Awareness) Worn all the time.

    Dud-Grenade - (Non-explosive. For bluff only.) (Rank 1) - (+2 to Charm when held)

    Money: 100 Steel

    Description of Character:

    Cut me a straight deal, and I'll do the same. Cross me, and I'll cross you back... with your back right in my crosshairs.

    I'm short, slender, sly, and quick. With eyes blue as moutain ice and and a belly full of mountain fire. Distance is my friend. It shrouds and buries me in the landscape. To NOT see me is to fear me... Unless of course I'm having a FML moment. If I am, just ignore all that ice and fire, distance and fear crap and wait for the world to blow up in my face. The Great Creator just loves to kick me in the bullets when things are going well. FML.


    My grandfather once told me about this traveler who came to our home a long time ago, before I was born. He talked of how the the moon had fallen out of the sky and had scorched the land to ash, changing everything for himself. My grandfather looked around at the rocky badlands and the jagged and smouldering volcanic peaks in the distance spitting ash down into the barren valley and shrugged. "Didn't change a bloody thing for us."

    Aliius wanders the roads just to see where they take him. From the scope of his rifle he watches the towns and cities, searching for a reason to enter. He hasn't found one yet.
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  4. Philip Overby

    Philip Overby Staff Article Team

    Just wanted to stop in while I'm out of town to say I'm really impressed with these characters so far. There's a good variety and plenty of creativity. If we have a great deal of players, we may split the group up so that there may be a more slots for playing. If someone can't play on Saturday for instance, they can play on a different scheduled day. Of course we can work all this out soon. I may post a thread for just that (out of game stuff, schedules, etc.)
  5. Reaver

    Reaver Kwisatz Haderach Moderator


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  6. Shadow

    Shadow Dreamer

    Name: Zarkal Seriis
    Race: High Elf
    Sex: Male
    Class: Sorceror

    Strength - 2
    Agility - 5
    Stamina - 6
    Intelligence - 12
    Awareness - 3
    Charm - 2
    Luck - 5

    Firebolt - A burst of flame is propelled, either from the caster's staff or hands. If by hands, take 1 point from stamina temporarily.
    Bubble - Covers the caster, shielding them slightly from damage. +2 to stamina for one confrontation. No offensive spells can be used whilst the protective bubble is active. Once the damage has been taken, the bubble is 'popped' and the caster can be attacked directly. Whilst active, take 3 points from agility.
    Douse - Has the same effect as Firebolt, but substituting water for fire. No negative effects are given.

    Apprentice Staff - The weapon given to a learning sorceror. (+1 to intelligence when used as a medium for casting spells.)
    Robes of the Vael - Ungainly sorceror robes, intended for visual identification only. (-1 to Agility) whilst worn.
    Njire- (+2 to Luck)

    Money: 100 Steel

    Description of Character:
    Well accustomed to the arcane, Zarkal loves to learn spells. He is of average build, not exactly strong - he would rather spend his time with magic than weights. His sword skills are terrible, having used one only once before (and nearly skewering his uncle). The same apply to his bowmanship - he can barely fire one, let alone hit something with it.
    He has wavy, black hair (unlike both of his parents, who have quite the opposite - shocking, white tufts all over their heads), and deep green eyes, each of which has a fleck of blue to the left of the iris. He also wears a pendant around his neck, given to him by his grandfather. It depicts the Njire, a tiny sprite-like figure intended on bringing luck to the wearer.

    Zarkal is from a wealthy family, one associated with the politics of nobility amongst High Elves. As a young boy, he was taught that he should act proper, and distinguish himself from others. Disdain was the leading factor of his father's enterprise; none were as good as he, and he intended to make it known. But Zarkal didn't want any of this. Why couldn't everyone be treated equally? What made them so different? Elves were elves, after all. So he left, and joined the Vaelian Sorceror Academy. He now studies under Lord Zyrian Tintex.
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  7. Reaver

    Reaver Kwisatz Haderach Moderator


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  8. MystiqueRain

    MystiqueRain Troubadour

    Name: Sitara
    Race: Dark Elf
    Sex: Female
    Class: Hired Assassin



    Camouflage - Natural ability of dark elves. Changes skin color to blend into the surroundings. Passive Ability. (+1 to Awareness)

    Silent Kill - (Rank 2) Uses Luck. Only activated if luck roll succeeds and Sitara starts a confrontation by attacking first. Silent Kill allows Sitara's first attack to strike without failure, dealing damage to stamina.

    Escape - (Rank 1) Uses Agility. Ends a confrontation prematurely. Also results in loss of confidence from running away. (-2 to Charm)

    Dark Whirlwind (Rank 1) - Uses Agility. Sitara focuses in on a single opponent, dashing around them to deal quick blows under the cover of her cloak. To someone watching it looks almost like teleporting from one spot to the other at blinding speeds.


    Cloak of Shadows - The standard outerwear for any sane dark elf. Lifting the hood activates its reflecting light property. Always worn. (+2 to Agility, +3 to Awareness)

    Pair of Three-Bladed Katars - Spring Loaded

    Bottle of Unknown Poison - Recipe only known by dark elves, an applicable solution to weapons, food, and liquids. Can cause death if not cured. If used, deals continual damage to agility and strength. Three-uses only. Boom Boom Katar (1), 100' Rope with Grappling Hook (1)
    Ashudu Lantern (1)

    Money: 2600 Steel

    Description of Character:

    Lithe and slim, Sitara stands at about average height with waist long silver hair usually tied up in a braid. Her skin color varies due to her dark elf heritage. She has surprisingly bright metallic blue--but completely blind--eyes that stand out even in the dark, often the last thing her victims see before they die. Sitara usually wears a plain black top, tight pants, and knee-high boots underneath her cloak, as well as a black scarf to hide her face when traveling in crowds.

    Although cold at first glance, perhaps even condescendingly so, Sitara can portray the typical assassin stereotype: silent, mysterious, merciless. Truthfully, part of her fits that description. After all, her job isn't one to be too happy about. She only continues it to make a living, as she really has no other talents. To strangers she displays an aloof personality, to the point where one word answers suffice. However, to friends--she doesn't have many--Sitara can be very different.

    In reality, Sitara is quite the optimist and imaginative dreamer. She looks toward the future, always hoping that there will be something better the next day. Unlike many of her dark elf brethren, she has the desire to see the world, especially the ocean. She thinks that her skin would look best in concrete gray and that blood is actually gold, not red. Something that also separates her from most dark elves is her lack of claws; she was born without them, a deformity that has seen both sides. To dark elves, she is an abnormality, a genetic mutation that should be shunned. To the people she travels and works for, they find her less intimidating. Sitara makes up her would-be natural weapons by wielding her three-clawed weapon.


    Her parents abandoned her at an early age, so she doesn't remember what they look like or if she even had any siblings. Sitara was taken in by a kind hobgoblin woman who raised her until she was old enough to survive by herself. However, her short-lived happiness was shattered with the moon-crash, which killed her foster-mother and destroyed the land she lived on. Since then, she's utilized her abilities to work as a hired assassin for anyone who will pay.
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  9. Reaver

    Reaver Kwisatz Haderach Moderator


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  10. Feo Takahari

    Feo Takahari Auror

    Edit: Never mind.
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  11. Dracanice

    Dracanice New Member

    Name: Maury Stonesnatcher
    Race: Half-Giant
    Sex: Male
    Class: Mind-thief


    Telepathy (INT) I can communicate with anything with a mind (does not always mean I can understand what they r trying to say, may only be able to get the emotions of them instead).
    Mind Reader (INT) I can try to read other minds w/o them knowing or against their will.
    Mineral Graft (STA) I can meld non-organic materials with my body for a variety of uses. (bonuses and penalties are determined by material used)
    Sleight of hand (AGI) I can do amazing feats of agility with my hands, like safely remove traps and dismantle mechanical devices/constructs or remove things from another person’s body w/o them knowing.
    Brawler (STR) I know where to place my punches to inflict the most hurt.

    Basic lock-smiths tools (well used), Mechanics tool-kit (old and very used), bed roll, 50ft rope, Patchwork Cowhide Breastplate (Stam +1), Overcoat (+1 Stam), Spiked Gauntlets ( +1 Str, +1 Stam), Healing potion (3)-restores +1 to a damaged Stat,

    Money: 100 Steel

    Description of Character: 10’7”, black hair with a mossy green stripe from the left temple back, blue eyes, bronze skin, with a jagged scar over the left eyebrow. Wears a very patched red leather breastplate under a full length white overcoat and black canvas pants. Also sports topaz colored sunglasses and worn in red leather boots.

    Used for experimentation and abandoned by everyone after, the world has not been kind to me. I survive on wit and knowledge, mine or others doesn’t matter. My dream is to build a safe haven for myself and others that need it and never to let the horrible things that happened to me occur again, but they did have an upside. The slimes seem to like me and I wouldn’t be able to survive so well if the Quacks fiddling in my head hadn’t left me with a few gifts. Shame I never found out if he survived the labs explosion. I wonder who could have done that…
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  12. MystiqueRain

    MystiqueRain Troubadour

    Are those skills adding points to stats or does it mean that they rely on those stats? Because if they were adding points to stats you can only have 5 extra points in addition to your 35 stat points to assign to various skills and items...right?
  13. a dreamy walker

    a dreamy walker Scribe

    Here's hoping this character 'works' (this sort of roleplay is completely new for me) If Ed's stats or anything are wrong, let me know.

    Name: Edward (Ed) Alviero
    Race: Human
    Sex: Male
    Class: Doctor


    Strength -3
    Agility -5
    Stamina - 5
    Intelligence - 8
    Awareness - 7
    Charm - 3
    Luck - 4


    – (Rank 1 of 4) When used, Edward is able to successfully heal minor injuries (cuts and bruises). If he is confronted with a patient who has a serious or life-threatening injury, a die roll is needed. If the die roll is good, the patient can be healed back to full health. If the die roll is bad, Ed’s awareness is reduced by 5 (Awareness drop decreases by 1 per rank) due to the extra time and attention needed to heal a serious injury.

    Field surgery – Edward is able to fit clockwork prosthetic limbs to patients with damaged hands, arms, feet and legs. If he needs to do this, a die-roll is needed. A good die-roll reduces the patient’s agility by 1. A bad die-roll reduces the patient’s agility by 2.

    – (Rank 1 of 5) Edward can attempt to use his combat defibrillator to revive a patient (or to shock a target, rendering him/her unconscious). In order to use this skill, he needs five batteries and a positive dice roll. (Number of batteries needed decreases by 1 per rank).


    DIY combat defibrillator/spear (Rank 1)

    Edward has modified an old, historic long spear into a home-made defibrillator; the spear’s blade can deliver electrical pulses, but the electrical mechanisms that energise the blade (powered by scavenged and re-filled ‘paste’ batteries) are susceptible to failure.

    Batteries (5) – Scavenged batteries from the old world – the world before ‘The Moon Crash’

    Pre-crash medical encyclopaedia (mostly covering human anatomy)

    Belt with equipment pouches (pouches contain scavenged pills/medication, paper, a pencil, and some basic medical utensils.

    Money: 60 Steel

    Description of Character: Standing at 5 feet 8 inches, Edward is of an average height when it comes to humans. He has dark blue eyes and very light facial hair. He has sideburns which run down to his eardrums, and he has dark, black hair down to the mid-point of his neck.
    As for clothing, he tends to favour items from before the Crash – an old green t-shirt (with optimistic graphics), lightly stained trousers, and a pair of walking shoes.


    Before the Crash, Edward belonged to a prosperous and well-off human family. His mother and father were both highly educated and supportive, pleading with their son to go to a university/education institution so Edward could ‘find his true place in the world’.

    All that changed after the Crash. With his mother and father dead soon after the cataclysmic event, and his human-dominated community in ruins, Edward was quickly found, and spotted by a nefarious family of High Elves, who wanted a ‘plaything’ for their children. Over the course of two decades, Edward, enslaved to the family, did his best to try and escape from their clutches.

    As a ‘plaything’, Edward passed on his ever-increasing knowledge (courtesy of sneaking into the Elven family library in the dead of night and looking at old human texts, saved from destruction and intended for sale) to the children he was supposed to entertain, hoping that the Elven children would rebel against their parents.

    Then, five years ago, Edward made his break for freedom, stealing as much human technology as he could from the High Elves basement. He quickly made his way back to the new, yet struggling human communities, where he has become a travelling doctor, walking and hitching rides to see his patients.

    Because of his enslavement and capture, he has a fear of Elves – and especially High Elves. Edward has, over the years, developed an idea in that the Elves have put a bounty on his head (for his capture) and, as such, he rarely mixes with non-humans; instead, he prefers to keep his head down, for the time being, anyway.
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  14. Zenke

    Zenke Scribe

    Name: Garantine
    Race: Dark Elf
    Sex: male
    Class: Eversor Assassin


    Skills: Telepathic sense rank 1 (awareness)- Garantine can sense life force and distinguish between threats and allies. With a successful roll he can find someone trying to hide within the range. Range - 25ft + 5ft per rank.

    Psycho rage rank 1- once a day per 2 ranks (so 1 times a day for 1 ranks, 2 times a day for 3 ranks, so on.) Garantine can enter a psychotic rage at the beginning of combat. He loses all reason and focuses solely on Killing, granting him a +2 to attacks. But takes a -2 to penalty to intelligence and luck. This lasts until the end of that combat phase.

    Telepathic Slam rank 1 (intelligence)- A shock wave of energy is launched from Garantine's hand. A solid hit will send a foe sprawling off their feet.

    Equipment:Bolt pistol rank 2- This clock work pistol fires a bolt that explode inside the target causing +1 damage per hit.

    Battleclaw rank 2- A clawed gauntlet worn on the left arm, designed to enhance the claws already there with 6 inch blades on each finger.

    Leather carapace armor rank 2- Flexible lightwieght armor that grants decent protection. +2 stamina. Comes with a nifty skull helmet.

    Money:100 Steel

    Descriptionof Character: You'd get more conversation from a rock. Garantine says little to nothing to anyone. He is content to sit in the back ground and let others lead, and get shot at while he tries to catch a foeoff guard. He keeps his features hidden beneath his skull helm andarmor. Garantine Stands about 5 feet even, and is ropey and muscled for a dark elf. His armor is made of black leather, the helmet is steel painted white. The top jaw opens up like a visor. The eye sockets glow red. Eversor Assassins are a class of assassin that are usually very volatile and dangerous to those around them, and thus require handlers to keep them under control. Garantine can control himself for the most part, and only really poses a threat to those who provoke him.

    Biography:From a young age Garantine was trained to be the ultimate killer, an Eversor Assassin. His trainer was a man who had great success creating such assassins in the past, and sold them on to a guild who provided handlers to control the eversors. He was not kind and put Garantine through many tests and trials, some which left serious mental and physical scars. Over time he became a very unstable individual, but his prowess as an assassin was unparralleled. However he was a ticking time bomb, and when he was sold to an assassins guild he turned on his handlers and escaped into freedom and a devastated world. Now he travels around dodging those who hunt him and applying his skills for money.
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  15. Agran Velion

    Agran Velion Minstrel

    Name: Battle Oriented Bot (BOB)
    Race: Clockwork
    Sex: The ‘voice’ of the machine seems to have a male feel to it.
    Class: Assault Service Servant

    Charm-2 (3)

    Zoom (Rank 2)-B.O.B. zooms in on his target, gaining +2 Awareness at -2 Agility.

    Inferno Gun (Rank 2)-On his left ‘arm’, BOB has a gauntlet of sorts attached. It contains a mixture (whose recipe is stored in his Ashudu stone) that ignites as it exits the gun. ((In short, a miniature flame thrower).
    One Shot Trapdoor Pistol
    Johnathon's Top Hat (Charm +1)
    Manual: Gobwielder (allows the use of a goblin as a living weapon)
    Bowtie (+1 Charm)

    Money: 100 Steel

    Description of Character: Just shy under six feet tall and forged entirely of metal, BOB is a slightly humanoid Clockwork. He stands on two legs, with a long chest and two arms. His Ashudu stone is located in his ‘head’. He has a single eye at the upper part of his head, capable of zooming in.

    Biography: Created by a rather eccentric wizard, BOB is not aware of his original purpose. After the moon crash, his ‘mind’ was altered. He took on a few of the quirks of the wizard who created him, and occasionally his attention span will become nearly nonexistent.

    In short, he’ll alternate between being a cold and calculating robot and “The killer moved into this room after-bunny!”
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  16. Mindfire

    Mindfire Istar

    Name: Aurin Nazar, formerly known as Dark Lord Kazurath.
    Race: High Elf
    Sex: Male
    Class: Polymath Scholar


    • Strength-2
    • Agility-5
    • Stamina-3
    • Intelligence-11
    • Awareness-7
    • Charm-3
    • Luck-2

    Logical Deduction, INT+ AWR based, Rank 1 (+1 INT, +1 AWA)
    Detects any potentially useful information such as weaknesses, deceptive statements, or things that are just out of place.

    Immolation, Rank 1
    A holdover power from Aurin's Dark Lord days. Allows him to incinerate his enemies en masse.

    Force of Will, Rank 1
    A psychokinetic attack that allows Aurin to break his enemies' minds.

    Blade of Thunder, Rank 1
    Summons an enormous lightning bolt to do massive damage to a single foe.

    The Zero Ring (+1 INT, +1 Magic resistance)
    Another relic of Aurin's past. It boosts his magical abilities and allows him to resist magical attacks.

    Money: 100 Steel

    Description of Character: Tall, regal, with a sharp, intelligent face. Wears fairly plain clothes by High Elf standards: silk suits of muted red, blue, or black tones, occasionally acompanied by a plain black travelling cloak. Someone might take him for an elvish Kung Fu master. He is always cleanly shaved, and wears a plain gold ring on his right hand.

    Biography: At one time, the Dark Lord Kazurath held sway over much of the world and all feared his name. That is, until a plucky young farm boy decided enough was enough and started a campaign to dethrone him aided by a kindly old wizard (once a good friend of Kazurath's), a morally ambiguous bounty hunter, and a fairly useless female sidekick. As his legions of soldiers began to fall one by one to this callow youth, the Dark Lord Kazurath paused to reflect on the path his life had taken and realized that his quest to bring law and order to the world had, somewhere along the line, gone horribly, horribly wrong. The farmboy hero, upon marching into Kazurath's throne room expecting to challenge him to a final battle, found only a note explaining that Kazurath had decided that being a Dark Lord was not for him (he'd been unhappy in the role anyway), that he was leaving it up to the farmboy and his allies to decide what to do with the lands he had conquered, and that he was going to live out the rest of his life in obscurity under his old name. Kazurath is no more, and now leads a much happier life as a scholar, magic researcher, and benevolent wizard under the name Aurin Nazar.

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