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The Order of The Hanging Sword or simply the order?

Discussion in 'Writing Discussions' started by DassaultMirage, Dec 9, 2013.

  1. DassaultMirage

    DassaultMirage Minstrel

    Hi. I have three major factions in my story.

    First is The Order of The Hanging Sword. It comprises of an elite group of the world's most powerful magic practitioners. Once they detect an individual showing promise, they offer membership, by force if necessary, to avoid the talent going to corrupted hands. Members of The Order of the Hanging Sword are called Damocles. The mission of Damocles is to make sure that a book that seals the Last Fallen remains in its current shattered state.

    Second is The Order of the Black World. They are an elite group of the world's most powerful outlaws, most of them even descending from human-fallen union called nephilims. Members of The Order of the Black World are called Disciples. The sole mission of Disciples is to unseal the Last Fallen.

    Third is the Holy Alliance. It is a newly found alliance comprised of five of the world's biggest and most powerful magic practitioner nations. Through twists and turns, it will turn out that the Holy Alliance want the Last Fallen for themselves. Ironic. Holy Alliance wanting to possess a fallen.

    Now here are my questions.

    How do I get around having to type The Order of the Black World or The Order of the Hanging Sword everytime I am talking about either one of them? Suppose it is clearly stated that characters are talking about The Order of the Black World, should I type it as "the order" of "The Order"?

    Second, suppose one character will curse the Holy Alliance. Shall I type it as "I curse that alliance to the pits of tartarus!" or "I curse that Alliance to the pits of tartarus!"?

    I'm getting a headache with all of these capitalization issues.

    Much thanks.
  2. CupofJoe

    CupofJoe Myth Weaver

    Most organisations [officially or unofficially] have shortened forms of their names that are wildly understood.
    NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organisation
    Yank - Citizen of the United States of America
    Limey - Subject of the Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
    Informally I can't see why either Order-of-the... wouldn't be known as "Sworders", "Hangers", Damos", "Worlders", "Blackers", "Discis" or things even more obscure. As long as you are consistent [and probably after you have explained it once], you can call them just about anything.
    Someone will correct me if i am wrong but I think that Names can be capitalised so an alliance is lower case but [the] Alliance is upper case. so I would go with...
    but I would capitalises Tartarus
    and now I have a headache:p
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  3. advait98

    advait98 Sage

    You could go with an alternate form of the name of the organisation, as CupofJoe said, if you're bent on avoiding writing the whole names in an obscure situation.

    But if it's clearly mentioned who we're talking about, I believe 'The Order' would be the way to go, because it's the Order; it's not just referring to any old order.

    But when it comes to 'that', I think it should be taken in the same category as 'a', 'an', and those kind of articles, that is, it should be followed by a lower-case noun. We don't know it's the Alliance after all. It's just that alliance.

    So, I think it should be 'The Order', and it should be 'That order'.
    Similarly, I think it should be 'The Alliance', and 'That alliance'.
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