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The Ways of Wizardry

Discussion in 'Self-Promotion' started by Insolent Lad, Jan 4, 2018.

  1. Insolent Lad

    Insolent Lad Maester

    The latest novel, a 'light' (sort of) fantasy adventure titled THE WAYS OF WIZARDRY, is out officially on Saturday, Jan 6. Available pretty much everywhere in print and ebook, or directly from Arachis Press (Arachis Press). Even at Amazon if one insists on dealing with the devil. Incidentally, the next one is pretty much ready to go and will be out on March 10. That would be my third and final Mora novel, WOMAN OF THE SKY. Both, of course by Stephen Brooke. Here's the official blurb for WIZARDRY:

    For two of those born to Hirstel, that lost city of sorcerers, it became a place to leave behind as they explored other worlds.
    Young Im, the least powerful but most ambitious sorcerer in Hirstel.
    Na, the woman who had spent a century being second-best to the powerful Prince-Sorcerer.
    Guiding them, the enigmatic trickster god, Xido.
    Guarding them, the amoral demon, Qu’orthseth.
    Pursuing them, demon policemen and bounty hunters, gods of evil, jealous wizards.
    Another city, distant and mysterious Tesra, called to them. Would they safely reach the Southern Sea and the ship that might bear them to their destiny?
    Sorcery and romance, and a journey of discovery await Na and Im along The Ways of Wizardry.
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