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Those most Memorable Dreams

I just remembered another dream that I had.

I was hanging out with my friends.

Then this clown started chasing us. He chased me into my house and cornered me in the basement and that's where the dream ended.

I'm pretty sure that I had watched the old version of It before I went to sleep that night. I might be able to turn it into a story, but I'm not sure.


Most of the dreams shared here are either beautiful, absolutely horrifying, or mysterious, so I'm a bit hesitant to be sharing mine because they're often quite silly and not profound at all! To be fair, my brain hardly considers anything a nightmare at night, so some dreams that could be viewed as nightmares were just "oh, exciting!" for me.

One of my most memorable dreams was during my studies.
My cohort and my professors were dedicated to fighting Lord Voldemort, and for that purpose, we've had an own headquarters to meet in secret. The problem was that the headquarters was 98% windows and everyone could look inside.
We managed to engage Voldemort in an intense fight. He disarmed me, and I unthinkingly grabbed the Elder Wand and snapped it in half.
Voldemort stopped. Stared. And went:
Me, confused: "...what?"
Voldemort: "You've screwed up the suspense! That's not in the script!"
Apparently it was all a play and only I didn't know about it.
Sorry, Voldemort.


One of my most memorable dreams I had about 7 or 8 months ago.

I'm living in London around the victorian era. Right in the center of the city. I don't remember where and when exactly my dream started (who does?) but the first thing I remember is walking down the road and into a public restroom. The restroom was modern. It looked exactly like my old middle school bathrooms. It was dim and the walls were the same off-white, almost yellow tile. It even had stained mirrors just as I remembered. I do my business and go to wash my hands but instead of water, a very cold and acid-like liquid came out of the faucet. I turned to see if anyone else had seen what I did. But nope. The others were just rising their hands in the "McDonalds sprite" water as if it was normal. I was confused but in the dream, it had made total sense.

I walk out of the restrooms and see small shops and stalls with people selling fruits and bread, stuff like that. I decide to walk into a grocery store and again, it's modern. It looks like the inside of Kroger or H-E-B (for the non-texans H-E-B is only the BEST grocery store there is :p) and the main thing I wanted was orange and lime sorbet. So I go to the frozen while, get my sorbet, and head to the checkout to pay. I stop and look at the roses on display and look up and see a man staring back at me. I had a very strange feeling about him so I ran ( and I mean RAN) to pay and leave. As I'm paying, I hear screams from outside the store. Naturally everyone else inside including me runs out to see what's going on. There were barbies attacking people. Yes. Barbies. Life sized barbies. They were all dressed in ball gowns used their umbrella handles as guns.

My dream does that weird time skip that dreams do and I'm now along the southern coast of England. Not too far away there's an island that looks like literal hell. As I was looking at the island the same man from the flower section at the store walks next to me, points to the island, and says "that's where they are made." I was confused and asked who. He responds with "the dolls, doll." For some reason, he had called me "doll". I guess that was his nickname for me? I look back at the island and see a volcano about to erupt (think of it as the food machine from cloudy with a chance of meatballs, how it fills up with all the food and pops it all out like a pimple:sick:). The man gets into a boat and throws me an oar.

Another time skip, we reach the island, and it's all covered in some kind of molten rock and hot lava flowing down the hills and into the water. The island is not very big, probably no bigger than Kaho'olawe Island. Another short time skip, and we're standing on the island. Soon we saw more barbies swimming in the lava towards us and use our oars to throw water at the barbies one by one. We fought hundreds of barbies until we made our way to the source. It was tons of conveyor belts at the top of a small mountain producing the life-sized barbies. At this point, I couldn't really remember many details of the dream. But I do remember we beat up the machine and stopped the barbies from swimming towards England.
The last thing I remember from the dream was giving the man a high five for saving the world from life-sized, killer barbies.

This dream is totally something that Steven Moffat would write for an episode of Doctor Who...Its the right amount of bizarre.


We moved to a small town in the country when I was around 12 and the old house had so much work to make it livable that we did not get to go explore. We were literally tearing out walls and redoing them for the first few months and sort of camping in it. At night I was exhausted but frustrated with all work and no play. I have always had a really difficult time getting to sleep and lie awake for hours waiting for sleep to claim me. I slowly relax and try to turn off my senses one by one. This particular night as I did this I started coming loose from my body and floating upwards, I look down and my stubborn toes won't let go so my astral self gives a good kick and there I am free at last to go explore!
I zoom out the window and look around our acreage, I zoom over the small town but it's all asleep. I enjoy the flying and swoop over the soft green hills, but I am drawn to the woods. It's not a big wooded area but just around 5 or 6 acres. I travel the paths and explore the tire swing I find near the stream. The best thing I find is a hollow tree that has fallen across a path long unused and I hear someone whispering, "Shhh be very quiet and the human will not find us." So of course I stop, look and listen. I finally lie down on the path peering under the log to find a family of mice staring back at me. I remember talking with them for awhile as it was wonderful being able to understand them. They calmed down and told me about the woods, they called it the Witch's Cradle. I left and tried talking to some horses in a corral but they were to scared and ran away. I wanted to talk to my dog but then it was over and I was in bed sleeping.

Maybe a month later one of the kids asked if I wanted to go to Witch's Cradle and that was truly what the woods were called, the log was there but I didn't disturb the mice. I was stunned that I already knew the way there and every trail. I kept trying to do it again, the dream travel and tried to find books on it in the library but the school library didn't have much. (Yes this was before internet)
I was able to dream-walk many times as a child but it gets harder to let go with age. I do remember that was the only time in my life that I ever felt truly safe, nothing there could ever hurt me.