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Tolkien's 10 Tips for Writers

Jess A

Let the words of your text pour directly from your personal interests.

...but I will say that the dreams we have can give us great stories to tell.

Many of the people who litter the post-apocalyptic landscape of my novel are based on real people. Truth is indeed stranger than fiction.

These caught my eye the most, because I certainly put all three into my writing.
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Good advice, and a nice insight into the life of Tolkien (Or should that read nice insight into some one else's view on Tolkien's view ;))

What I took from it the most was the listen to beta readers bit. Not because I don't do it enough, or because I've never thought to do it, but because that right there is advice that everyone should take on board. A trusted, fresh pair of eyes is possibly the best thing you can do for your manuscript.
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I like the one about finding and making time to balance between outside duties and writing. That's something I need to work on. I also like the poetry as prose topic =) And dreams definitely do give us inspiration.


this was a pretty cool. I always like seeing how other writers view writing. I will be keeping a stiff upper lip to be sure from now on!
This is awesome. I really like the idea of describing things with poetry and then putting it in to prose. I never thought of that, but now reading it, it makes complete sense to me.