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Tomb Raider

Discussion in 'Film & Television' started by pmmg, Jun 15, 2018.

  1. pmmg

    pmmg Auror

    Well, there may always be a place in my heart for Miss Lara Croft. I remember with great fondness getting the newest tomb raider and binge playing it. Somewhere along the way, the games got complicated and I kind of out grew it I guess, but there are a few newer games I never quite got to play through, but even now, I think I would like to.

    Further, I even, through some type of force of will, enjoyed the Angelina Jolie movies. I liked the second one better than the first...meh. And I thought Angie was a good choice for the role. She did kind of look like her.

    When I saw the trailers for the newest Tomb Raider, well...my expectations were low. I saw a bit of stuff I would call CGI boring, or CGI over story, but...I did want to sneak out into the theatres and see it. Its just, I did not get to.

    It appeared on Xfinity, but it was $25, so I waited. Saw it last night at $5.00.

    Uhhhhh....I don't think even my love of Tomb Raider can save this one. So it has some action... But what the heck was that? The actress was meh, and did not much look like her. I found myself making that mental note a few times, this girl does not look like Miss Croft. And the origin story is totally not what Lara Croft's origin is. Why bother with that? What was wrong with her actual origin story? Ugh...movie people, I guess. The opening scenes, which I will chalk up as filler, had me close to turning it off. When she rides her bike through the town dumping paint everywhere, I was like....Um....isn't that just vandalism? Wont it make a big mess? I cant image the city looks favorably on that? and is this something they do often, cause I don't think people would find it cute....But I was meant to...Well, I did not.

    I did like the story behind the woman in the tomb, I suppose there had to be a tomb to be Tomb Raider, but not enough to ignore the rest.

    I made a similar note about her father....her father does not look like someone who could be related to her. I know they are actors, but I would like to not be making those types of mental notes.

    They did beat up Lara a bit. I suppose that kind of continues the idea to lets make grittier women action heroes, but I never felt any danger for her, and I suppose I have to say they failed as well to get tears out of me in those types of scenes. I am usually a sucker to reunion and Dad type events.

    I hope there is not sequel to this. If there is, I hope they start over again and tell a story worth telling. Otherwise, video games don't make good movies still applies.

    I give it one thumbs down, cause its still Tomb Raider, and I still intend to enjoy it.
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