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Turn 2: Semanu, Year 61

Discussion in 'Machiavel: Ambition' started by Ravana, Jun 15, 2011.

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  1. Ravana

    Ravana Istar

    TURN 2: Semanu, Year 61

    News and Rumor from around the Empire:

    Winter weather lingered unusually long in the northwest, damaging early crop production.

    The Duke of Muretsu is putting out feelers for volunteers for a summer campaign.

    The Countess of Gramanstadt is also advertising for soldiery, in anticipation of Vaesthegnar attempting to recapture it.

    The emperor’s youngest brother, Prince Tergiv, is said to be in the March of Torgevegn, possibly concentrating forces for a counterinvasion of Vaesthegnar… though this would draw forces away from the defense of Gramanstadt if true.

    The exiled Countess of Grenteheim has petitioned the emperor to be allowed to return. Details are not known, but are rumored to include an indication she would be willing to abdicate her claim to the county—if a suitable wife can be found for her 22-year-old son. Considering his lackluster reputation regarding intelligence and hygiene, this may prove problematic, even with a coronet as inducement. His Majesty’s response to the petition has not been disclosed.

    Lord Kuropatnar, the Imperial Astrologer, has resigned. No replacement has been named yet. Those interested in the position should contact Her Serene Excellency the Lord Steward of the Imperial Household.

    Ships from the self-styled “Kingdom” of Rikiver are said to have been sighted off the northeast coast.

    Her Majesty is said to be doing well. The Duchess of Alstein is said to be doing poorly. The Archduke of Eszerthagn is said to be doing something, but nobody seems quite sure what. The emperor’s other brother, Sebeschar, is said to be doing nothing, which nobody believes for a minute.

    This is a harvest month for flowers. Anyone producing these should bear that in mind.

    The Planting Festival is held on the third weekend of this month. Unless you tell me you're canceling this, I will assume it takes place. (And, no, I can't think of a reason why you'd want to cancel it. But it's your call.)
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  2. Dr.Dorkness

    Dr.Dorkness Minstrel

    It is alreadt mid afternoon when th privy counsel of Burwin gathers. the privy counsel exists out of the vassals of the barony and a few officers. namely: Master Janrick Bur. Knight banneret Lady Harrow, Knight banneret Lord Hiral, esquire Lord Jamerson, Priest Godwin, Lady Mila Furton and of course Lord Asher Larsson of Burwin himself.

    "I say we take our forces and march for the capital!" Lady Harrow bursted out. they all knew that the young Knight banneret only said this because she did not know what th say otherwise.
    " I agree that this is all some schime of those southeners, but we can't just take up arms." said Priest Godin in reaction. "we need to establish something of our own, to stand out and prove that we are needed."
    "Yes, but with what dear priest?" said lord Jamerson.
    "Look at our location dear friends." said Lord Hiral. The Knight banneret was known for is logic. something many others could not say. "We have to look at our location. What is burwin Ideal for?"
    then the thaler fell. but lady Mila Furton spoke first. "Trade, Burwin is ideal for trade." She said.
    "Aye, Just like in the old days." Said Master Janrick.
    "So it is, Let us build a Shipyard. Here in Rastin. then we can recieve the Ships of Rikiver and perhaps trade with them." Said lord Hiral
    "agreed" Said Lord asher of Burwin. He already had a plan like this for himself.

    clay: 0
    dairy: 5 III
    draft animals: 4
    fish: 8 IIIIII
    fur: 2
    game: 1
    grain: 17 IIIIIIIIII
    hemp: 3 III
    livestock: 10 III
    vegetables: 24 III
    wool: 6
    timber: 6 IIIII
  3. Artless

    Artless Minstrel

    Baron Johan awakens early on the morning of the new month, hoping the cursed rain has ceased. As his servants dress him, he is informed that is has.
    "Finally!" He exclaims. "Now we can get some work done! Summon my council to me."

    After a short while, the councillors begin to appear in the council room
    "Greetings friends, sit, be at ease. Wine? Cheese?" Johan offers. "Now that this cursed rain has ceased, lets see what needs to be done!"

    "Firstly, I intend to construct a second stone mine to increase our potential yield." Johan states.
    Looking gloomy (as ever) Arnie, the Seneschal remarks "Aye, lord, but that won't be finished anytime soon."
    "Yes I know, I know. But if we don't start it, how can we finish it huh?"
    Arnie inclines his head at his lords wisdom.
    "My lord, maybe we should consider the sale of exploration licences? With so many mountains, surely some hold resources we have yet to see. And if we don't have to bear the cost of finding them, then all to the good." Elysia, the Baroness suggests.
    "Indeed mi'lady, this seems reasonable,"Toran, the Exchueqer replies, "But do we want to surrender our resources to private individuals?"
    "No Toran, of course we don't. Thats why you will ensure the terms for the sale of the license includes favourable terms for us and our returns." Elysia glibely remarks.
    Toran sighs resignedly, and agrees. Common born though she may be, the Lady Elysia wielded her power far more deftly than most born and bred noblewoman. Plus, she was exceedingly smart.

    "Sire! Who needs to be killed?" Lorenzar calls from the side of the room, glancing briefly at Toran as he asks,
    "Peace Lorenzar, peace. I have a mind to offer you and your raiders, or my second sons as mercenaries, for some needed campaigning experience. But not both. Who would you take?' Johan asks
    "The second Sons,"Lorenzar replies without hesitation,"They need seasoning. My raiders will stand. But these sons? All they know of battle is the songs the minstrels fill their heads with. Better get them acquainted with the blood sweat and shit of a battlefield sooner, rather than later"
    Johan smiles at Lorenzar "I remember a younger lad who also knew nothing of battle but songs," he says, stroking a scar across his right forearm.
    "Aye mi'lord, but you turned out alright in the end," Lorenzar replies, chuckling.

    "Any other business?" Johan asks.
    Toranr offers a review of labour assignments for the county, which Johan and his wife approve.
    "You know my love, I have a mind to free the serfs from their bondage, and allow them to tenant farm," Johan says to Elysia.
    "Please my lord, that will take some time. Let us not rush into these things," Toran cries.
    Johan smiles at Toran.
    "Never fear, it was merely a passing thought."

    The castellan, Master Knowles rasies a hand.
    "Speak sir," Johan commands.
    "Lord, given the unexpected arrival of Lorenzar's Raiders, mayhaps we should consider expanding the barracks? Or adding a new one, for the horses and the men?"
    Johan considers briefly, before nodding in acceptance.
    "Make it happen sir. And make it happen quickly." Johan commands.
    "One last thing. Lets have work begun on expanding the church. It's not important enough to sacrifice production for, but lets get it started, so we can be seen to be doing something. Any further business?"
    As the council has no response, Lord Johan dismisses them.
    "Thank you sir's. I will be in my solar if needed. I need to draft some correspondence. Good day." Johan announces, before rising and leaving the council chambers.
  4. Ravana

    Ravana Istar

    TURN 2–END

    Well, that went considerably smoother than turn 1… no surprise. More importantly, I'm finally getting the time to start detailing the setting, rather than having to wrestle with the mechanics. And believe it or not, the economics part of next turn may take you longer than it will me, even considering how much less you have to do: I'm hoping that I've got things set up on my end to the point where I can process that part of things as fast as I can type in the numbers you send me… it will actually take far longer to type up the results than to generate them. (At worst, I'll fill in whatever blanks I've missed, and reach that point by the turn after.)

    I'm in the process of revising previously posted material, to reflect the changes that have been made. I also still need to check back with a couple people on what happened with their construction orders from this turn, but other than that.…

    This turn is closed. On to Forlu.
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