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TURN 4, Year 373: Atsantu [plus turns 2 & 3]

Discussion in 'Machiavel: Ambition' started by Ravana, Mar 1, 2012.

  1. Ravana

    Ravana Istar

    373/2 and 373/3–Semanu, Forlu:


    The empire has remained surprisingly quiet throughout the spring… a welcome relief following the events of the previous year.

    The itinerary for the Royal Progress for Year 373 has been announced. The choice of routes has been somewhat complicated by the fact that everybody wants the new emperor to honor them with his presence. As a result, His Imperial Majesty has chosen the unconventional approach of performing much of his travel by ship. The court will depart the Winter Capital on the 25th of Semanu–weather permitting–and shall journey to the mouth of the Saxar, stopping briefly in the Viscounty of Sakvikvegn, before sailing west to the mouth of the Daar and the Viscounty of Engving. From there he shall proceed upriver to the duchies of Torgevegn, Venden, Bergeheim (which, it may be recalled, was dropped from last year’s Progress) and Hesjedal, then go by Wemerin Pass to the duchy of Malodbord, where he shall resume water travel, taking the Urving River down to the Dortimer and on into the Palatine Duchy of Tyrvenhagn, before turing upriver once more along the Meinert into Gorendam, Evanstad and Meinerthagn (the last two had also been part of the plan for last year’s Progress, prior to the unfortunate events which brought it short), as well as a corner of Gyrfalconsrest, before climbing Glimmercrag Pass into Maritsdor, whence the Rhusigen River will bear him to the Summer Capital by, it is hoped, the 13th of Inghitsi. While the visits in each instance will of necessity be somewhat shorter than is common of Progresses, the emperor will be able to touch an unprecedented third of the emipre in a single trip, including two border duchies that were embattled marches the previous year, and a third which did not exist at all.



    Grumblings have been heard from several members of the Helderau line concerning some recent actions King Teover of Althegnar–specifically, the ones involving his becoming king. Which seems a bit odd, seeing as he’s part of that line.

    Rumors that His Imperial Majesty will be meeting at some point in this journey with King Teover of Althegnar, or even hopes to, have not been verified. Rumors that His Imperial Majesty expects his vessel to be portaged over the mountain passes have been flatly denied: new ones will meet him as appropriate. Rumors that His Imperial Majesty has requested the Imperial Navy put at his disposal their fastest ship for the seaborne leg of the voyage have been confirmed, though the emperor himself was kind enough to volunteer that this consideration arose less from his desire for overall swiftness of travel than from the fact that he’s never been to sea before, and as a consequence does not wish to expose himself to the perils of potential seasickness longer than is needful. He further mentioned that it goes without saying he will be just as well pleased if this precaution proves unnecessary. Her Imperial Majesty is said to be looking forward to the trip; she, accustomed to voyages upon the Northeast Sea, apparently regards the Southern one as “tame.”

    Rumors that the new Lord Admiral, Trischof, is looking forward to escorting Their Imperial Majesties can probably be best answered by his office’s speculations on which pirate lords it would be most suitable to send the itinerary to, in hopes that one or more of them will make an attempt upon the fleet. Given the Lord Admiral’s intimate familiarity with the Southern Sea, one can hardly suspect him of either sarcasm or overconfidence in this matter.




    The Royal Progress has begun well; whether because of fair weather or native constitution, His Imperial Majesty did not suffer any ill effects from his first sea voyage. His ship arrived safely at the mouth of the Daar, and the Progress has continued upriver and across the mountains into Malodbord.

    The Lord Admiral has expressed minimal disappointment at the lack of attempt to intercept His Imperial Majesty’s ship, and has now gone off to pursue rumors of pirate activity some distance to the south.

    A minor disagreement between the viscounts of Tariushnubad and Zirchi threatens the peace once more in the empire’s southeast. The Marquis of Cantrescu has accused the Archduke of Vahir-Dascu of encouragint the dispute.

    The first day of the month is the Summer Solstice celebration.

    This is a harvest month for dyestuff and flax/hemp.



    Sources at court have suggested that King Teover, who did not greet the emperor in Malodbord at his closest approach to Althegnar’s borders, will instead meet him as he passes through Tyrvenhagn. There is still no official word on this, however.
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