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Two of my works that are available for retail.


I have three works published. The two that I would like to show you are cross genre. The third I will refrain from posting since that one is strictly horror.

My first work is called Extinction Chronicles. The book is a collection of six short stories. The first four form one larger story. The last two are seperate pieces. The six stories are a mixture of horror and fantasy.

Here is a review from my first book. This was an experimental piece and I didn't hire any editors to work on it so there are some bumps and bruises. The reviewer classified it as science fiction but trust me there isn't much science involved. I would consider it more fantasy but not with orcs and goblins.

Review here----> https://www.forewordreviews.com/reviews/extinction-chronicles/

The second work I would like to show you is a novella that is cross genre again. This book is a horror/sci-fi/fantasy piece. The setting is a post apocalyptic fantasy setting on a war torn Earth. You can find these books via amazon and barnes and noble as well as a host of other online vendors. My second work listed is available on itunes. Extinction Chronicles didn't make it to itunes due to the lack of editing.

Extinction Chronciles-- paperback and ereader amazon link Amazon.com: Extinction Chronicles: Includes the Hazel short story collection as well as The Observer - a stand alone short. eBook: Jamie Horwath: Kindle Store

Here is the second book A Breath Before Sunrise. This work was edited. A Breath Before Sunrise: Jamie Horwath: Amazon.com: Kindle Store

Sorry about the links. I never can get the html to work.