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Two Tools for Name and Word Creation

Discussion in 'Writing Resources' started by Creed, Jan 10, 2015.

  1. Creed

    Creed Sage

    I was writing an entry for my Universe's wikia and I needed a name for a serpent in one of my culture's myths.

    So I went on over to Bad Translator and typed in "eat... devour... void..." and set it on 22 random translations. This is particularly useful for us conlangers because it lists lots of different related words in many different languages, and it's useful for name creation for the same reason. It also lets you decide what kind of phonetic vibe you're going for.

    I then went to my other open tab: Word Mixer. There I chose four words from Bad Translator and then added in Uroboros, because the serpent's non-mythological incarnation is named Uroboros and I wanted that sort of hint, and it gave me 46 interesting choices, like gaubori, seobrat, anga, and aturor.

    I chose one and altered the spelling to get Riroborr, the Star Eater.
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