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Two worlds that I'm developing

Discussion in 'World Building' started by Tuxedo Mark, Apr 14, 2015.

  1. Tuxedo Mark

    Tuxedo Mark Dreamer

    I've been developing worlds as the settings for meta-series (stories that roughly interconnect with each other and may or may not share characters). These are where most of my stories will take place after my current limited series are done.

    One is a near-future cosmic-horror setting. It can theoretically house any weird fiction that I'll write - or even fiction with no supernatural elements if I wish. The focal point, though, will be three female college students that become magical girls and warriors of the creator goddesses against numerous gods and demons. Think Sailor Moon meets H. P. Lovecraft. The magic system will be elemental. I'm afraid that I haven't developed much beyond that, even though the first story is already available.

    The other is a ye olde pseudo-medieval setting. Originally being one kingdom, the world split into three kingdoms sometime in the past as different religious and social preferences developed. The first (and original) kingdom is loosely based on Western Europe (Britain/Ireland/France, etc.). The second kingdom is loosely based on Eastern Europe (Transylvania/Russia, etc.). The third kingdom is loosely based on Asia (Japan/China, etc.). The royal family of the first kingdom is in communion with the creator goddesses and make Their precepts known to the common people. Of course, there are competing religions as well as atheists and agnostics that deny this, so there's a giant mess, religion-wise. These other religions have no official standing in the first kingdom but flourish elsewhere. The official religion (if it can even be called that) has some dos and don'ts but overall has no ritual and no scheduled worship; rather, it's about how people live their daily lives. Insofar as the royals can be considered "clergy", the "service" is merely a proclamation in open court, and then written copies are distributed to taverns, shops, markets, etc. There's no grand, overarching story or goal in mind. No dark lord or epic adventure. Just whatever I think of writing. I'm writing the "first" story (although I can always skip around) now. I'm trying to work out a magic system (which should be complex and precise - the goddess' way of preventing Bubba Q. Dumbass from bringing down lightning to strike down someone that "offended" him in some way).
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  2. spectre

    spectre Sage

    Just an initial thought, but if you look at it social/religious divides historically have created more "countries" within the European world than in cultural populations like Asia and India where religion itself changes but the idealism of country remains largely the same. Just a tailoring you might consider for you writing because it develops into a lineage you may want to use for certain contrivances that may or may not identify with readers depending on how fantastic your story gets. Real world aesthetic I guess versus sensationalism either being fine with me. I know you're saying no overarching story but God's and Goddesses temperments in most stories can really change the direction that an adventurer's life goes in and so the revelation of facts and truths is particular to something.

    Also your flourishing religion seems predominant to politics, obviously writing a God/Goddess focused story that makes sense but I like to do the opposite of what you're proposing because it doesn't eliminate certain intrigues. Afterall a world is interconnected either because it is isolated or because it has a relationship with another world. It's a web with a spider on it. In religion there is always some rivalry or affluence which is the actual focal point so really there has to be an overarching story as to why religion is more flourishing across borders.
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