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Discussion in 'The Islands' started by Zenke, Sep 2, 2012.

  1. Zenke

    Zenke Scribe

    The Island of Velicia is a strange and dangerous land. Before the ice age, only a few small tribes existed on the island. For the most part these people were at peace, having more problems and dangers to deal with than each other. The most prominent danger the tribes had to deal with were the Kelari, a four legged land animal that resembled a wolf mixed with a dragon. Like wolves, these Kelari lived and hunted in packs. They lived mostly in the southern part of the island on the planes where they had room to fly, forcing most of the tribes up north into the more hilly and forested areas of the island.

    When the ice age came, Settlers came with it. With no one to say otherwise these settlers set down in the east of the island in the foot of the razor ridge mountains, where they immediately began to build. The Settlers declared the land Kenasa. By this time, the ice has melted and the island is cut off once more.

    In the north the people of Ilithen formed from two lesser tribes. The Ilithen were a more gentle people, and the two former tribes who came together bonded well. They established a permanent settlement on the river Jsint. They established diplomatic relations with the Kenasese people living in the mountains.

    south west of the 's lands, a tribe of industrious and war orientated people arise. Their lands border the Kelari's territories. troubles brew when the Vicious pack hunters attack. The Velicians, as they later become known, fight back and their advanced bladed weapons prove more than enough to pierce the animals thick hides.
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  2. Zenke

    Zenke Scribe

    The Kelari
    Kelari are a species of wolf like creatures, sharing many features with wolves. For example, they have shaggy coats of fur that vary from white to grey, brown and black, and sometimes even a coppery red. Coats of mixed color are more common than a pure black or red. As well as the fur, they have similar shaped heads, four legs, and a bushy tail, but that's where similarities stop.

    Kelari have large bat like wings extending from above the from shoulders of the animal. The second joint of the wing is clawed, the membrane of the wing is leathery. Kelari have scales along their nose and around their eyes, covering the lower parts of the front and back legs, and from about half way up the arm of the wings. The scales and wings vary in in shades of grey and black, and very rarely white.

    Kelari have four legs, as mentioned before. While the rear legs resemble a wolves, the fore legs have wider feet with longer fingers and sharp curved claws. the fore legs shoulder joints allow for the claws to be slashed from left to right, similar to how a cat can. This makes the Kalari that much deadlier. Kelari Vary in size from 3 foot to 4 foot in height, at the shoulder. There have been a few sightings of beasts up to 6 foot though.

    Kelari are long lived animals, their average life span is 25 years. Kelari are pack hunters. They live in packs of up to twenty, while hunting in groups of 3 or 4. most packs prefer live on plains and large open areas, while some live in lightly forested or rocky areas. Its very rare to find them in mountainous areas. Regardless of where they live, Kelari are very territorial animals and will attack humans who venture into their domain. If your lucky, they will let out a few warning howls to scare you away. If your unlucky, your dead.

    The legend of Red Mane.

    When the ice melted and the islands were once again separated, and the Kenasese people had been settled on the island for more than 1000 years the village of Zemi was built at the base of a great water fall in the razor ridge mountains. The citizens of the village led a peaceful life, with little to worry about. The Velician armies were far away an they were safe in the mountains. Or so they though.

    Little did the people know they had trespassed into the territory of a Lone Kelari, Red Mane the villagers named him. Red Mane was a Kelari of unmatched breed. He stood six and a half feet tall at the shoulder, with 5 inch claws on his fore paws. His fur was a mix of red and grey, and his left eye had been torn from his face years ago.

    Red Mane never directly attacked the village, but villagers who strayed to far were at risk of being viciously mauled. This continued for the better part of a year until the village requested outside help. That help came in the form of A velician ex soldier turned hunter. Despite the current strife between the two peoples, Kazriel Amevin took the job regardless.

    The Velician was 6 foot tall with pitch black hair sun browned skin and green eyes. He carried a Velician steel spear and wore studded and steel plated leather armor. The Zemi villagers took one look at the hulk of a man and felt hope for the first time since they had first settled here. Kazriel set out in search of the beast, and tracked him up the the cliff and to the top of the falls. Farther up river he discovered a cave and signs of the beasts lair.

    After taking a quick look around Kazriel left the cave, and almost had his head ripped from his shoulders by a massive paw. Kazriel threw himself aside and rolled to his feet, and came face to face with terror. It took all of his will power not to turn and run from Red mane as the Kelari advanced growling. Kazriel gathered his nerve and rushed forward, thrusting the serated iron spear towards red mane's face. The Kelari flapped his wings and leaped backwards out of reach.

    The great Kelari circled, its might forelimbs tense and ready to strike at a moments notice. It lunged forward and Kazriel was knocked down as it bull rushed over him. The Valician rolled aside as the Red Mane turned and slashed the ground where he'd been moments before. Kazriel pushed to his feet and continued his attack. He drove the spear at his foe and it put deep into Red Manes shoulder. The kalari's maw snapped forward and broke the spear shaft in half.

    After landing such a serious wound, Kazriel believed he gained the upper hand. But the beast was not down. He took to the air and flew up over Kazriel who began to run towards the water fall. Red Mane swooped down on him and collided with Kazriel, taking him up into the air and out over the edge of the falls. Airborne, the hunter pulled a dagger from his belt, and gripped the monsters fur with his other hand as the Red mane dove towards the ground.

    time slowed as the two fell towards the water below. Kazriel raised the dagger as Red mane snapped as his neck, and they crashed into the water. The villagers watched in shocked awe and silence, as they waited for the two to surface, but they never did. They searched for the bodies but found nothing. They searched down river, but found nothing. It was unlikely Kazriel was alive, or he would have returned. But they couldn't be so sure about Red Mane... Only time would tell if the beast lived.
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  3. S.T. Ockenner

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    A human named Dordrudek the conqueror has been inhabiting a small section of the island for a week, along with his party of fellow barbarians. One of them is a fishlike being with magical powers, named Vandeer. One is a Kelari that obtained a great intellect after contact with a mystic orb, named Exshazs. The rest are humans with long, braided orange beards and icy blue skin, due to a mutation that also allows them to survive extreme temperatures. Dordrudek is among them, and they call themselves Frost-Vikkings (pronounced Vick-ingz). They aim to steal anything remotely valuable, and take it back with them to their ship, which is docked in a nearby island and filled with pirates, one of which is capable of telepathy.

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