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viewing other users and their work.

Discussion in 'Ask the Staff' started by JMFitton, Jan 22, 2015.

  1. JMFitton

    JMFitton Acolyte

    Hi, me again. I'm new to the site so maybe just getting a few things wrong. What I want is a list of users, along with a description of their work (if they've posted) so that I can find someone and something that peaks my interest. Is this available? Where do I find it?
  2. LordFalco

    LordFalco Minstrel

    First you'll want to nail down your own specialty. Worldbuilding? Spellcraft? Fey creatures? In related forums you'll find practitioners to bounce ideas off of.
  3. Tom

    Tom Istar

    Maybe we could just tell you what we're interested in, right here?

    Hi, I'm Tom, and I like Celtic and Germanic mythology. My stuff is epic-ish, but has some dark flavors to it. I like to do pieces that deal with psychological and emotional themes. My areas of interest include fencing, archery, linguistics, intensive worldbuilding, and crappy poetry.
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  4. BronzeOracle

    BronzeOracle Sage

    Hey JM welcome to the forum!

    You can also try searching for topics of interest. I've done this and come up with some great threads, you can then see who is interested in the threads by their posts and get in contact with them, although it will of course bring up older threads but you can still see which posters are still active.

    To follow Tom's warm example, I'm Heath. I'm writing an epic fantasy novel set in an ancient world (bronze helmets, chariots and wild creatures), with some sci-fi and yoga/astral elements. I'm interested in exploring emotional themes, family and friendships; also in geography, environment, technology and ancient history.
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