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Visual Novel

Discussion in 'Games' started by AlexanderKira, Jan 31, 2013.

  1. AlexanderKira

    AlexanderKira Minstrel

    I want to write for a visual novel. Like the anime style, text heavy, story driven games. I.E. Professor Layton, 999, etc. But i don't know how to go about starting one. I would love to have some people, like artists and other writers help start it. I love anime, obviously, mostly Death Note, Berserk, Code Geass, Sword Art Online, and Soul Eater.
  2. PlotHolio

    PlotHolio Sage

    I'm going to assume you're not doing this because you like your porn to have stories. I'm also going to assume that since you're on this forum you know how to rite gud n stuf.

    To go about starting one, you need basic programming and artistry skills. These things do not necessarily have to come from the same person. Make a VN that's unique, like Tsukihime. It had vampires and teenagers and sex, but it was unique, fresh, and gloriously violent.

    Unfortunately, all I can do for you is give you advice, since I'm already working on a webcomic/manga with a friend of mine and don't have the time or energy to commit to another project right now.
  3. I did an illustrated web serial online. It's not exactly a visual novel -- but I reached to artists locally and asked if they'd be interested in contributing a sketch. About 14 artists got on board for a total of 48 episodes, and everybody did a lot more than a sketch. You might try this approach starting out, then transition to a more heavily-visual format once you've built relationships?

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