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Discussion in 'Film & Television' started by Garren Jacobsen, Feb 13, 2021.

  1. Who is watching it? Because it is absolutely stupendous.
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  2. I am up to episode 5. gonna take a break until a few more are in the pipe.

    I do agree its very good- my sort of show.
  3. Normally I am very much into pew pew dakadakadakadakadaka but this slow build has got me on the edge of my seat.
  4. Hir i-Chorvath

    Hir i-Chorvath Auror

    I like it, it's really good, but it's also creeping me out.
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  5. It has a real horror vibe to it. And the fact that it’s Wanda causing this hell scape is really something.
  6. Reaver

    Reaver Staff Moderator

    It’s not bad for a blatant retcon by Disney to bring Vision back into the film side of the MCU as well as their newly acquired Fox IP into the fold.
  7. FifthView

    FifthView Vala

    I've been loving it. Every week's wait for the next episode has occupied some part of my mind every day of the week. I actually count down the days, hah.

    I also love watching reactions on YouTube to each episode.

    A potentially important lesson lurks in this show, the same lesson one might have learned from the last season of Game of Thrones. Building a narrative in which so many important aspects are hidden from viewers, or in which the future development of the plot is so uncertain, has allowed the build-up of fan theories every week--and it seems that some people at least have suddenly become irritable, simply because their pet theories are not the actual script being used for the series. This happened in the final season of GoT as well. Instead of enjoying it for what it was, many people felt that it fell off the rails or simply failed to fulfill the visions they themselves had for the various characters' endings.

    Now we are about to get the final episode, and I wonder whether a lot of people might be upset by it.

    I for one think that all the important questions will be answered, but I'll admit there's a lot to wrap up in only 50 minutes.

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