War Pigs and other Nonsense

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    Not sure if this will go here or not but thought of it at work. Think of it as a 'do or do not' sort of list for Fantasy (and Sci-Fi if one is so inclined) like Mr. Welch's List or the Evil Overlord List. Your own thoughts of sorts and other silly things, whether they apply to your worlds or just in general. I'll start if off.

    War Pigs is not to be the orc boar riders theme song.
    Nor is Ride of the Valkyries for actual valkyrie's, no matter how appropriate.
    The Lich doesn't have a bone to pick with you, so stop bothering them.
    The green dragon isn't the vegetarian option.
    It's really hard to get a flight of dragons to pull off anything the Blue Angels did once.
    Polymorph spells are not for use as an easy lunch.

    And other such stuff.
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  2. Becoming a knight is not nearly as easy as it looks, especially when your helmet is on backwards.

    Making opinionated comments about the paladin's religion is not wise, not at all.

    Attempting to fool the dwarves by telling them that there are pots of gold at the end of Prismatic Spray is just asking for trouble.
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