Well met my new fantasy friends!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by RedAngel, Apr 13, 2017.

  1. RedAngel

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    Hello to anyone reading this. May your coffee be hot, your mind inspired, and tale on the tip of your tongue.

    I am new and so far I am excited and encouraged by everything I see here. I like to write as well as draw and hopefully soon ill share some of both.

    For years up until recently I had always written periodically with a theme that has been running through my brain for years. I wanted to write 10 books. I wrote whenever I found the time in 5 books primarily as inspiration hit and have nearly 150 pages typed out. I then did a 45 page revision on the first book a couple years back where I explored an alternate opening.

    While it could have or would have worked I set my sights for the last two months on learning everything I could learn about what makes a good story. What people actually wanted to read and found that most of what I had written was not altogether useless it just wasn't as interesting as I thought it was. I do plan to keep it as a guide since it can easily be incorperated as back story when needed or a general guidline for my stories. I ended up condensing the first 3 books into 1 to save the ausience the coming of age tale of my MC and get straight into the interesting parts that I condensed. I also then condensed the following books down into 1 book.

    I realized when I set off to start writing seriously was that I was not the awesome pantser I thought I was and started working on doing things the right way this time. I am still not a grammar wizard but I am working on it.

    Anyhow, It's good to be here!
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    Hail and well met RedAngel
    Good to have you here.
    There must be people that wrote one books straight out of the gate that set the world alight, but for most of us its a long slog of learning from our mistakes and the lessons others can show us.
    Find a seat and enjoy the fully interactive show that is "Mythic Scribes: The 7D experience!!!"
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    Hi. :) I was also an amazing-pants writer when the first draft of my first book flowed from me years ago! Strangely, I don't seem nearly as good now, nor am I as confident.

    I'm new here as well, and loving it! So many smart brains here.
  4. Hi!!! I don't know the feeling yet but I'm sure I will get there and I'm sure your works still as amazing

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    Hello, I have had the honour of writing a book on Wattpad. Any ideas?
  6. What is a Wattpad?

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  7. Thad_Langley

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    Hello, Red Angel. I'm new here as well, so perhaps a few newbies can huddle together for protection from the likely hordes of hazing juniors and seniors who will savage us with both harsh criticism and pointed personal jabs?

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