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What Kind of Second Hand Would You Like?

Discussion in 'Second Hand: Chat RPG' started by Philip Overby, Oct 2, 2012.

  1. Philip Overby

    Philip Overby Staff Article Team


    In an effort to adapt Second Hand to the players, I want this to be the best chat game it can be. So please leave feedback here about how you'd like to see the game evolve or change. Also, please let us know what you like about the game as well.

    Some points:

    1. Time. Is the time fine for most of the players? If not, what can be a better time to play?

    2. Quests. Do you like the "quest" format where things are organized more beforehand, or would you prefer a more "free style" game where characters can just get together and chat?

    3. Do you like the way most things are handled or would you like to see some changes made?

    4. Is the game typically fun for you or does it kind of drag too much?

    5. How is combat handled?

    Anyway, if you can give any feedback it would be appreciated.

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