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blog What Lies Beneath: How To Use Subtext To Drive Narrative

Discussion in 'Writing Discussions' started by Black Dragon, Apr 8, 2018.

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    What Lies Beneath: How To Use Subtext To Drive Narrative
    by Rose Andrews


    Story is complex. It has multiple layers of ingredients working in cohesion to create a believable, enjoyable and emotional experience for the reader. Often our focus as writers is on the more obvious: prose, dialogue, character, setting. But what about the festering, bubbling emotions underneath the surface? The things left unsaid or what is implied? What is subtext and how can it be used as a powerful force at the scene level? In this post we’ll go over some basics and I’ll share with you an easy technique for creating subtext that will propel your narrative forward.

    Unspoken Words

    Subtext is defined as an underlying and often distinct theme in a piece of writing or conversation (Google). It’s the message noticed later on when the story or scene has had time to build. What is left unspoken adds rich, emotional value not only for the characters but for the reader.

    Reveals Depth

    Stories are about a lot of things. After all, they are written by complex humans with much to say. Subtext shows depth in a work and can be used in several ways to deliver more than one theme or message.

    Extra Layer of Tension

    That flat scene can turn into a nail-biting, page-turning experience with the right kind of subtext. This writing tool compliments the conflict you work so hard to build into your scene and gives it a boost...
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  2. Chessie2

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    It's all about writing your story in layers to add richness and depth. There's nothing we can do to control the interpretation of our work. Readers willmake up their own minds regardless!
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