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What would you consider cliche in a fantasy story?

Joseph I

Lately on this new story I've worked on I've been accused of being cliche, in my opinion it's not. But what would you guys consider cliche?
fantasy cliche for me is a rather hard thing to pin down - I'd say duplication fiction is cliché, but then I'm wired. if I had to pin it down however, I'd say this fits into cliché for me if (one or more of these):

it starts in a tavern, where two of the main characters meet for the first time
It featres a race of haughty elves, and stoic (often-scottish) dwarves who are exact opposites and also hate each other for some obviously hacken-eyed reason that started at the dawn of time and any sensible people would have reserved - and for some reason both races are happy to die out ¬,¬
magic is the solution for everything...
one very boring journey between places at one point, when someone else makes a much longer journey in 1/10 of the pages...

Dante Sawyer

Good vs Evil! So cliche! Yeah, I know there has to be someone seen as "good" and someone as "evil", but I hate the tired old good and evil being set in stone. Mix it up! Have shades of grey! Don't make every damn character entirely good or evil. It's been done, do something more.


Fantasy has plenty of things that turn up in many stories. As long as the writer has a good reason to use them, I don't see anything wrong with that. By "good reason" I mean something like "because it's important for the story I want to tell" and not "because Tolkien did it", "because fantasy has to have X", or "because it's selling well at the moment".
Therefore I don't think any theme can be named as a cliche in the negative sense, it always depends on the whole story.