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What's your strangest habitat for humans?


Hi there, fellow worldbuilders!

As a worldbuilder, I really enjoy creating special living environments for the humans, but those bring some issues with them.

For example, when humans live in a bottle on the ocean floor, how do they get oxygen? Well, every ten years (it takes on average twenty years to use all the oxygen) a team of humans on the back of giant fish pulls the bottle to the surface and fills it up with oxygen. Then they put the cork lit back on it and let the bottle slowly sink back to the ocean floor.

If you want to discover this world where humans live in a bottle on the bottom of the ocean, then you can check out this video:

I'd love to hear about your strangest habitat for humans and all the problems they bring with them! Tell me about them!



In one of my worlds, the sites where gods have battled remain full of powerful ancient magic for millenia and often are completely dead. These areas represent the clash of the domains of the deities literally, so a site where a god of rain fought a god of fire and the result was a tie may be a wasteland that eternally burns with light rain pouring down, steam rising from the fire as it dies and spreads in the rain, neither capable of ever winning. If the fire god had won, there may be no rain, an eternal drought in the area where no water can exist, or if the rain god had won, perhaps the fire would be replaced by thick fog that makes the area too humid for any normal fire to form.

These areas are each incredibly unique and pose varying challenges, but the drought struck fire land is one that actually exists in the world, and people who must venture through survive by using ice and ice magic in place of water. Bringing an icicle in a cup means a cup of water minutes later, and ice magic is derived from a separate god than water magic, so the zone reacts to it less violently.


Myth Weaver
Currently, I suppose that would be 'Gawana,' a living maze the size of a continent. Originally, entities like Gawana were used as 'living cities' by the ancient aliens, subject to internal and external controls. Gawana, though is...independent and unconstrained - Gawana does not serve its inhabitants so much as its inhabitants serve Gawana, enforced in everything from the air they breathe to the food they eat.