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Where Should My Royal Family Live?

Discussion in 'World Building' started by MaccosBridgman, Oct 2, 2013.

  1. MaccosBridgman

    MaccosBridgman Dreamer

    I have a question relating to my story, my royal family and their court to an extent are like the russian imperial court with grand palaces and balls, and gilt and over the topness with everything, but unlike the russians they are good to their population and the nation does not have a debt problem and well they live ostentaciously but this does not affect the population at all.

    So my question is should they live in their own little palace compound (little like the size of a town) with the royals for like nine months of the year, and then spend the winter in the capital city?

    The Summer Palace is a huge Versialles/Catherine Palace like building, while the Winter Palace in the city... is an old medieval like citadel perfect to escape attack, but its also a nice building with grandoise apartments but its older and smaller than the summer palace. Does this make sense and does anyone agree with this or should I go with something different?

    As well the society at the time is feudalistic one but with 17-18th century clothing etc.
  2. rbidatta

    rbidatta Acolyte

    Even if they are liked by their population/the townspeople, they are still royal and need to maintain that image/lifestyle (if what I've read about your royal family is correct). What you've outlined seems like a good fit for what you want but it also sounds like you are torn between this and another idea (as to where they should live). Do you have something else in mind?
  3. MaccosBridgman

    MaccosBridgman Dreamer

    Well I originally planned for the royal family to live in a grand palace in the city. Then I came up with the idea that the old ruling dynasty that died out:p built this large citadel/fortress/palace as their residence in the centre of the capital, then eventually during a time of enlightenment the wealthy new ruling dynasty the current royal family, built this new grandoise palace outside of the city but close enough to still get back to deal with affairs. Even though they spend more time in the summer palace, the winter palace, the old and official residence of the royal family still houses important offices of state, the treasury and the family burial vaults of both ruling dynasties as well as the dungeons... so does that make sense the more i think about the better my new idea is.
  4. rbidatta

    rbidatta Acolyte

    That makes sense I think it would work. You have the back story and history for it and you seem like you are excited about writing it this way. Go for it. :)
  5. GeekDavid

    GeekDavid Auror

    Basically, as long as it makes a certain amount of sense -- and yours does -- the reader should buy it.
  6. deilaitha

    deilaitha Sage

    I find this to be somewhat unbelievable. The truth of the matter is that everything royalty does affects its constituency somehow. Perhaps nothing negative happens to the population as a result of their spending, but I cannot imagine that most of the serfs appreciate royalty that flaunts their wealth. Even if treated well, a poor person is not going to be happy about a rich person showing off.

    I would think then, that the royalty would live somewhere extremely secure. Even the royalty of prosperous nations are rightfully paranoid. A lot of guards and fortifications would be very ostentatious, so the palace compound would be a good choice.

    Just my thoughts.
  7. DassaultMirage

    DassaultMirage Minstrel

    The architectural aesthetics matter not as much methinks. However, I do think you should place the royal family's house strategically. Their palace/mansion/shack/whatnot should be the safest from invasions, floods, droughts, unwinnable sieges and at the same time allows them to exercise their power over the land (say the highest point overlooking everyone or at the center of the plains). You can also place it where they can easily be viewed and reached by the populace if you want to emphasize their down-to-earth style of ruling.

    As for the aesthetics, just think of the nation they are ruling. I have a nation whose land is rich in red turms, a mineral that, like quartz to vibration, stores mana without hardly any loss. Thus, it would make sense for my royal family's residence to store a hell lot of mana and mainly red in color. Have fun with writing. Imagine you are that ruler and ponder on where to live and what to live basing on how you rule and what nation you rule xD
  8. skip.knox

    skip.knox toujours gai, archie Moderator

    The summer palace should be in the country because them royals do love to hunt. Winter palaces were nearly all of them in town.

    I agree with deileitha on the effect on peasants. Wealth doesn't just appear, it's built on someone's labor. If the nobles are ridiculously rich, then the common folk are ridiculously oppressed. A price is always paid. Do you *need* to have your nobles fabulously wealthy? But it really doesn't matter; they're nobles, so they are privileged, which means others are not.

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