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where to look for beta readers in Mythic Scribes

Hi guys!
Sorry in advance if i'm missing something evident.

I remember to have seen in this forum a section where one could ask people to be beta readers for one's work.
Assuming i have not imagined it, where is the best section of the forum to do so?

Thank you in advance! :)


Hero Breaker
There is a Critique Request subforum, but it's intended for shorter pieces (around 2,000 words). Also, there is a Review Request subforum. Again, that' seems to be specific to completed works seeking reviews.

Actual beta swapping/fulfillment doesn't exist and I'm not sure why. There are other sites that can get you a beta reader. Try Reddit's Beta Readers subforum.

As is the case with all free/voluntary services, the chances of a completed, professional beta responses may be hit-and-miss. Professional beta services should cost around $10 to $15 per every 10,000 words.

S J Lee

I see people on Fiverr offering critique of your first 10K words at that price, but I cannot see what useful work could be put into it - assuming it took an hour at least to just read 10K words properly and intelligently instead of just skimming/speed reading, and then a few hours more to make any sort of useful comments and suggestions page-by-page, the cheap Fiverr critiques guys are working for WAY less than minimum wage ... or are just cutting and pasting canned responses? I doubt I could give more than a quick thumbs up / thumbs down in 15 dollars' worth of my time, myself... or am I missing something here?

Jericho Writers will give some fairly good and detailed feedback on your first 10K words + query letter + synopsis BUT that is way pricier - c 350 pounds sterling, takes 4 weeks for turnaround - though they are pros, and the Jericho site is a middleman. Maybe too pricey for some. They would charge up to 1000 Sterling to vet/critique a 100K word book. More than the average noob writer would make from the thing even if he could publish it ...?
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