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Worlduilding for very hostile fantasy world


The idea is for a story which might or might not come to be.
It would be a fantasy world survival story.

The mythology of the world is weird.
At the beginning there was "God" and what surrounded him. He was the only living being in the world.
He was technically speaking all powerful, but very lonely.

So he decided to create companions for himself and he soon succeded.
Yet that creation did not please him so he destroyed it. Every time he creted life and conscious beings he still felt alone. There were not equals to him he felt like those were just puppets he made all their actions were precitable and unlike himself.

Desperate he continued to create and destroy for what seemed to me and eternity. Finally he concluded that he is special and of the dirt and mud surrounding him he could not create "true life" so he started to rip aprt his own body to create. Every time he felt as if he was comming closer to creating himself and equal and ending his eternal loneliness.

In the end all what existed his body and the matter surounding him have been destroyed and given life so many times that they were one and unseperable. God was dead and 3 things were left behind:
1. Mana - the fading energy of all the life which God created and ursurped. The will of the fallen and only testiment to their existance.
2. The Glow - the yearn to create and the longing for perfection of God, yet lacking his wisdom and eternal power. It continues creating untill it fades.
3. The Abyss - Gods lonelyness and greed, another mindless entity trying to devour all what exists only to puke it all out every few centuries unable to adapt or accept wnything different from itself

Thus a cycle starts which lasts roughly 7 000 years.
The cycle has 3 phases: The Age of Saits, The Age of Magic, The Age of Decay

All 3 ages are heralded by their seperate force which is the strongest at the time.
The rules go like this: In the age of Saits the Abyss has absorbed all Magic and Glow so it pukes out the glow. As such the Glow forms angels and Beasts of White which drive back the few remaining Spawn of the Abyss. The Beasts of White soon die out as their role is to clear out the remnats of the previous age.

Next comes the age of Magic. The Abyss starts to eat up the Glow and instead pukes out magic and solid Abyss to form the solid world. Out of that the remaining Glow forms Humans, as such they are creatures of the Dark and Magic. Also dragons come to be which are there only at the start and their role is to esterminate the ANgels and other creatures of White.

Then comes the Age of Decay. The Abyss becomes unruly and poisoned by the glow. It spurts out solid Abyss and and creatures of the Dark which are formed by the conzentrated corrupted Glow within the Abyss. The world becomes giant mountains without a base and stone pillars a disgusting vertical mountainous world unfit for human survival. That's when all the life of the previous age is exterminated and soon after the age of Saints resumes as all the land is devoured by the abyss.

The thing is that in my story the Angels cheat and use magic and hidden away glow to make it all the way to the twilight of the age of Decay. This keeps around dangerous creatures like Dragons and Beasts of White around as well as Humans which they use to harvest blood from.

The protagonist would be one of those unsuspecting humans having to traverse this dangerous world not knowing magic filled with the most dangerous beasts of all Cycles. On top of that the world is falling apart and humans are soon to be considered expendable by the Angels as the Glow grows stronger.

Extra Notes:
Gravity drags Humans and Angels downwards into the Abyss, but on Abyssal Creatures Gravity drags them towards the nearest rock. So while the protagonist would have to climb around in a constant fear of fallin. The Abyssals beasts can walk around normally and angels can fly.

What do you think? A world in which you have to basically always be vertically climbing filled with dangerous beasts not obeying those rules and you are just a lowly human desperate to survive as the world is literarly crumbling appart and all land in existance is to be lost to the abyss.


It sounds like a really awesome and unique idea that I would like to read more about!
How do the humans in this world live? It sounds like it would be very difficult to go about the ''mundane'' functions of everyday life such as procuring food etc.
Keep at it, I'd certainly like to read a story set in this world!


Humans and other creatures of the age of Magic (but mostly humans due to the highest affinity for magic) are kept alive by the angels in cities which exist on the rare flat parts of the mountain chains. The agenls bring humans food, but in exchange feed on their blood to extract magic. They need magic to perform more powerful spells to keep "Valkyrie" alife which are human-angel hybrid thingies.

There is one big human country around the size of Israel I'd say. They inhabit the "Great Flatland" which is the only known ajor flat are left. They battle the angels as they are descendants of dragon worshipers they also have an alliance with the centient Abyssal creatures and even cliffside cities exist where both coexist in peace.


Interesting. The image of angels swooping down on weary humans clinging to cliff sides in order to harvest their blood is a cool concept. Thanks for sharing.


Hmm... that happens, but is not so common.
As I said most humans live in secluded cities where they praise angels like gods.
They are more like farm animals.

The angels are actually keeping humans alive.