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    Writers Block: What to Do When You Get Stuck

    This article is by Rachel Meyer.


    Most of us have had writers block at one time or another. Our story is flowing freely and then something happens that jams up the story works. A scene isn't going the way we thought, we aren't sure what to do next, or we seem to have no inspiration.

    That's where the ideas in this post come into play. It will have a variety of suggestions for you to try when you're stuck in that inspiration-less rut or don't know what to do.

    However, a quick word of warning. All of these ideas can also be used as ways to procrastinate when you're stuck. You've got to have self-control and remember that these are to be used to get your creative juices flowing again, not browse Pinterest for an hour. No matter how tempting that may be.

    Ideas for When You Don't Know What to Do

    Write a list
    Write down all the ideas for what could happen next. No matter how stupid or crazy, just dump them all in. As you go, you'll get some actually good ideas and you can pick from among those what is your best option. Or combine several.

    Brain dump
    Open a fresh document or get out a piece of paper and just talk to yourself about what could happen. Discuss options, debate different approaches, and think outside the box until you've figure out what to do.

    Use the snowflake method
    Write down where you...
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    This is an extremely helpful list. Often, explaining my problem at length to someone else helps. Sometimes I think of the solution before I even finish telling them everything.
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    Some very good ideas, thanks for the advice :)
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