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  1. TheCatholicCrow

    TheCatholicCrow Grandmaster

    I noticed there hasn't been anything posted in this group in a REALLY long time so I thought I'd ask a question. It's simple enough. Do you let people you know read what you write? Or is it too intimate, too entangled with your personality and thoughts that the idea of , say, the old lady that sits in front of you at church, or your mother or neighbors or whomever- reading your Dark Fantasy is a thought more disturbing than the nature of what you write?

    I find that it is easier to share what I write with strangers than it is with people I know. Maybe I'm just weird. But I thought I'd ask.
  2. iamelmo1

    iamelmo1 Apprentice

    I usually don't allow people I know read my stories because they have a fixated idea of who I am and for many especially those in my family they just don't see me as a writer. Strangers are alot easier to convince to read my stories and certainly would appreciate the mysteriousness of me since I wouldn't be predictable.
  3. skip.knox

    skip.knox Staff Moderator

    I have a couple of critique groups. I absolutely do let them read. Not first drafts, but I'm getting to the point where I have a sense of when a chapter or scene is "presentable but not perfected." That's when letting others read what I wrote is crucial.

    These are people I "know" but only in the context of writing. I, too, don't let family and friends read anything but the finished work. Were I a painter I would not have them look at a half-finished painting. I wouldn't inflict a song on them when I didn't have the bridge and the lyrics were half-written. In fact, they don't see it until the thing is published.
  4. Simpson17866

    Simpson17866 Master

    I'm taking the classic "protagonist who grew up in a world where magic has been hidden from the public, discovers the secret world of magic hidden behind the mortal world, and sets out to become a mighty hero" (Harry Potter, Narnia, Percy Jackson...)

    Only from the perspective of a villain protagonist gang of drug dealers turned bank robbers – one of whom is a post-traumatic serial killer – who are eventually going to study the dark arts under a mad bomber / vampire mage who claims to have been the Zodiac Killer.
  5. davevito

    davevito New Member

    Well for me. I have let my family and real life friends read my stuff in the past but 90% wont read it. they think me writing is more of a joke than a serious thing. I dont let that stop me. Writing is my passion and i will never give it up. I am constantly world/character/plot-building, like nearly all the time. I spend liek 85% of my time building and then 10% writing, that last 5% is waiting for some feedback from my online writing groups. I have a friend who is helping with the building process. most of what they do is stuff like brainstorm with me, they give ideas, but they mostly just let me know if my ideas are good or not, or they proofread my chapters for me before i do a final mini edit on it.

    My story is what a lot would call a typical supernatural/paranormal/urban/Contemporary Fantasy story except its anything but typical. I play with the ideas of monsters or other entities, including werewolves, vampires (including a sub-species of Vampires i have created myself), shapeshifters, witches, warlocks, wizards, Mythology/Folklore from around the world (i have managed to give a good reason for how all beings from all forms of mythology exist, and much more.), Angels, demons, gods, or anything else your little heart can conjure up. I have also explained how the events told through out the bible are true, yet also not whole truths, I have managed to explain the big bang, and give the universe as we know it a history we didnt know existed, I also include a few fairy tale elements (such as red riding hood and the big bad wolf.), As well as including a modern version Sherlock and Watson, i also have created a deep lore behind the Titans, A deep lore behind Reapers, and a Deep lore in general when it comes to my Alternate Earth that i have created. there is no much more that i have planned, im not exaggerating when i say that I have enough content to write a 10+ book series of 40+ chapters each, and roughly 5 word document pages for each chapter, I plan to have at least 120k-150k words or more for each book as well. There is also a second, shorter book series, and serveral planned spin offs, and sub-planned spin offs (mostly for the fans, should they want to know more about something, or someone once the book is done.) I just have these huge mega epic plans. Like Im not trying to brag about myself or even talk my self up but I do want to say one thing. If i ever get published, AND end up with my series as a Tv show or movie series, I want to be the guy that sets a new standard for what it means to have quality storytelling in something that is becoming quickly over done and over used in writing. My main tactic for all of this to happen is this. I personal just love, absolutely love to take normal, common, or over used ideas, and put just enough of a twist on them that makes them my own original creation, while also being the same as before. Its a delicate balance but i have managed to accomplish this on several fronts.

    I am excited to actually get my 1st book going properly because as of right now i only have 5 chapters complete and about half of chapter 6 done. so i still have a long ways to go. But the ideas are there, they are flowing, they are building. Never give up as a writer, you have something special inside of you, and its up to you to find it yourself and share it with the world!!!! :D Write on everybody, Write on!!!!

    My story, called 'The Hunter Chronicles' Is actually not about hunters more than its about a Werewolf and his pack (the main character of the first book is named Bastian Hunter, hence The Hunter Chronicles.) and all the misadventures they are forced to go on after the insanity of the first main arc pushes them into a world that they are not ready for. I cant say much more without revealing spoilers, but i promise you all, this story is not as simple as that, and its not as cliche as it might seem, this story has a unique twist on the werewolf, Vampires, and all other monsters within the Supernatural Realm. On top of all that. I feel that i have a story/plot that is very action packed, a lot twisted, and extremely dark in certain parts. the feel of everything within the words woven are very raw, emotion, and passionate. this isnt a twilight love story, but a grand epic fantasy adventure with Earth and the Supernatural world as its setting.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this message. I appreciate you and I also encourage you to keep doing what you do!!! :D
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  6. AndradaMoon

    AndradaMoon New Member

    I love having others read my work even in the first draft, even with plot holes that need combing over. The more disturbing the better in my eyes and I want to make sure that in every step of my writing the voice and mood remain consistent. The earlier in my writing i have a peer opinion the better I feel about my writing process. I personally prefer hand written notes and chapters in the early stages because it pushes me to focus on spelling and grammar more along side a well rounded plot so I often have personal friends reading my work even still in the hand written stage of things. I also find that it can be fun to discover how well you have created fictional mythology by telling the stories my plot is driven by, in a campfire setting to see how well my storytelling really relays to others by being able to physically watch people react to my creations.
  7. Rose Torres

    Rose Torres Acolyte

    I have only allowed two people to read my writings. But I am not sure if that is good or bad. I totally understand what IAMELMO1 said. Most times the person you choose to show others is different than who your family believes you to be. I can only speak for myself, but sometimes not all the time, I tend to choose to be a certain way depending on who is around me and If I care enough about them to care how I act. I think this may have come out as arrogant or childish so i do apologize for that. I decided to be brutally honest in what I write her, because well no one truly knows me here.
  8. Ben Bryant

    Ben Bryant New Member

    My Curia Noctis series, which I've recently published the first book of (hooray!) is an urban fantasy courtroom drama. I try using humour to balance out all of the death and destruction going on in the world that I've written, and I hope that I manage to tell a decent story at the end of it all. I generally hold off on letting anyone read it until it's done, or at some coherent level that's close to done. I know that I probably miss out on a bit of constructive feedback that way, but I just don't feel that I can share something until it mostly resembles that cool idea in my head.
  9. Tabitha Meadows

    Tabitha Meadows Acolyte

    I understand how you feel. Once I get into my character and story, I become attached to them. In a way, I feel like only a few people should read it because I am almost protective of them. I am trying to get my vampire story published through a new publishing group. I'm very excited but hope that it will be published soon. I'm thinking it will be out around October but let us see.
  10. CoffeeFlower

    CoffeeFlower Apprentice

    Nope, though most of the people around me know my dark spots, or at least they think they know them, I don´t let people around me to read what I write. Maybe it´s because I think they are just judgemental and won´t get to the works without judging me before. I tend to think people have strong prejudices that guide their perception to make it narrow sighted. Maybe I`m just an arrogant child.
    I'm shy and not so self confident and I don't show my works because I think people around don't look at me as a serious writer, indeed they just think I'm a weird grown up child. I've found most Spanish speaking people tend to associate fantasy with the real thoughts and wishes of the writer behind it and I fear about their reactions.

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