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Ysgard - World Plot

Discussion in 'Winds of Ysgard' started by Nimue, Feb 5, 2015.

  1. Nimue

    Nimue Auror

    For two hundred years, the men of Ysgard have been enslaved by the elves of the North. The elven sorcerers draw unholy magic from ancient souls: dead elves, wizards, and, greatest in magic, the extinct dragons. With this stolen power, they have created an kingdom of ice and fear, reaching from their homeland of Yvalheim across once-free Ysgard, even into the wood elves' realm of Iridhe and the peaceful valleys of the Ettarlands.

    In the midst of this dark winter, a miracle came from the gods. A young man named Farrun Ramshorn discovered a dragon egg in the hinterland mountains, and the egg woke for him. Thoros, the first dragon to live in over two hundred years, was born. This event sparked new hope for the men of Ysgard, and woke the sleeping embers of rebellion. For a dragonrider is a powerful weapon against sorcery, and a resilient symbol.

    The resistance turned to war. The time was right, for in the east the imperial elves of Auroë, who had sailed from the lands beyond the sea no more than a century ago, were retaking the Ettarlands and challenging the claims of the Yvalhyn in the name of their powerful living gods, whose teachings called for justice and freedom from oppression. Fighting bitterly with the encroaching Auroë, the Yvalhyn elves lost ground to the rebellion in Ysgard, who were aided by the wood elves to the south. After eight years of fighting, the free men captured most of the western holds, including the Hintercrown, which in ancient times had been the capital city of Ysgard. They called these lands the Western Kingdom, and named as their ruler Hala Svora, the Wolf Queen, and her champion was Farrun Dragonrider.

    For five years, a stalemate as thin as spring ice has settled over the Western Kingdom. The weary but battle-hardened fighting army of men still makes forays to free settlements on the border, but the Yvalhyn sorcerers have strengthened their defenses. Skirmishes are costly. But throughout the new kingdom, rumors have spread of dragons in the mountains. Old lore says that it was the Yvalhyn elves' use of dragon souls in their necromantic practices that drove the dragons away and sent their hidden eggs to sleep–and that the presence of a living dragon may revive them.

    On the word of this legend, Farrun Dragonrider and his great bronze dragon Thoros have set off to the far western mountains to find if any dragons yet live, or if their eggs can be uncovered. He brings with him a small group of those loyal to the queen and the free lands–candidates for the lifelong bond of a dragonrider.

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