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Could this be the answer? Spending time with a scholar of the Dark Arts seemed as though it could offer its own sort of excitement.
Rose was not just a peasant, but a woman too. Used to accepting her fate and stripped of any choice, this presented an interesting opportunity.
I just completed the first rough draft of my story, and I feel so drained, but accomplished. I'm gonna go eat ice cream now.
He slept more soundly than he had done in a long time as he awoke to the sound of the sea, the sun shone brightly through the small window, creating a beam of floating, rolling air.
The Three Sisters wake from their deathly slumber to roam the cobbled streets of the town, taking the souls of the unwitting.
I watched her scrub the blood stained linen. Diluted pink liquid running down each of her delicate olive toned hands.
What progress have you made recently? I haven't heard from you in a while, or heard anything about your world in a while.
S.T. Ockenner
S.T. Ockenner
Oh! I just saw that you published something called "An Errand In Kraken Cove!"
S.T. Ockenner
S.T. Ockenner
I asked my parents to get me that book for Christmas :)