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    Curious About Something

    I noticed that my first two posts had to be approved by a moderator before they would show up on the forums, but my third was allowed to go through instantly. I was wondering why this changed. Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful that I'm already considered trustworthy enough to post without inspection, but I was curious about what the criteria for this is. I assumed that this would happen when I reached the rank of Acolyte, but apparently that isn't the case.

    Another thing (and this is a bit embarrassing), how do I change my avatar? Do I have to reach a certain rank to get that privilege, or am I just not able to find it?


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    May have to do with whether you're creating a thread or responding to an existing one.

    To change your avatar, go to Forum Actions--->Edit Profile.
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    I thought it was a general thing that a new member's first few posts (is it 3 or 5) are automatically moderated? I may be wrong, but I think we used to have something like that.
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